Friday, November 1, 2019

49 77 111 119 | Carlos Beltran hired as New York Mets managerer, November 1, 2019

Nice #45 hat.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 45

Baseball, a game of 9s.


This reminds me of the Mets scoring 9 on 11 hits on September 11, 2001:

Don't forget Brady's 911 tribute this season either:

77 WABC broke the news?

On November 1, or 11/1?

Today is 191-days after Beltran's birthday.  New York Yankees = 191 (43rd prime)

 Sid Rosenberg!  Say it isn't so.


  1. Zach doesn't give a fuck about anything but his precious 15k income on Patreon for giving out every single riddle for all teams, and failing prediction He cant pick shit. Warriors in NBA, NHL he was 0 for 12, guaranteed Canada would win. Missed the Super Bowl MVP, missed the Kentucky Derby, MLB gave out Seattle then Philadelphia then Yankees to Win the World Series. NCAAF he's missed the Top-25 upset 4 weeks in a row. He's a lying greedy asshole. If this worked he'd be in Vegas with his sweet lady and the 200k he's made on Patreon scamming people. Karma gonna eat him alive.

  2. What does it mean thou? Just a bunch of bullshit articles and numbers What tha hell is this? This guy is obsessed or in denial. or just a good BULLSHIT ARTIST.

  3. Puerto Rico=45
    Puerto Rican managers have won 2 WS Boston / Washington

    Taking mets who won in 69 with Nolan Ryan
    Mets 86 Doc Gooden

    Do we get Mets vs Houston /Yankees 2020 ?

    1. There’s going to be a strike next year and a cancelled World Series


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