Tuesday, September 24, 2019

18 61 68 99 911 | Tom Brady has 911 passing yards for season after playing New York Jets, September 22, 2019


Read about the Mets scoring 9 runs on 11 hits on September 11, 2019:

Shout out to the person on YouTube who left the comment that Brady had 911 passing yards through the first three games.  I kid you not, by the time I verified the stat was true, his comment was gone from my screen.  I wanted to screen shot you here, so leave the comment again please!

Brady had 341 yards vs Pittsburgh, 264 vs Miami and 306 vs the Jets (Brady is 6-3 in Super Bowls, who his career began against, 18-years earlier.

341+264+306 = 911

Tom Brady played his first NFL game, September 23, the day leaving 99-days left in the year, and what I call the Super 9 date, because 23, is the 9th prime.

Read about the WSU Garnder Minsher ritual that went on the night before:

Mathematics = 68 (The 911 Number)
61, the 18th prime (18-year anniversary) (Jets = 18)

Patriot Act
Patriots... 2001-Present 

Read more about 68 and 9/11/2001 here:

And... did this video really turn out to be 23 minutes and 9 seconds long?



  1. Spike Lee, designed new World series Yankees hats

    1. https://www.mlb.com/cut4/spike-lee-designed-new-world-series-yankees-hats

  2. Spike Lee's new line of Yankees hats is specifically designed to troll the rest of the country

    1. 09 + 26 + 20 + 19 = 74

      "Packers Lambeau Field" = 74
      "Password [Undefeated]" = 74
      "Fourth Victory" = 74
      "The Key" = 74
      "Fourth" = 74

      "Fourth" = 444
      "Bet the Cheeseheads" = 444

      Write 74 Out:

      "Seventy Four" = 555, 170
      "Cheeseheads Fourth" = 170
      "Fourth in Fourth" = 170
      "Eagles Lose" = 170

      "Lose on the Road" = 200, 151
      "Fourth Victory" = 151, 200 <<< Packers Record?

      Packers(44) Win Fourth at Home In Week Four! <<<

    2. I predict (4) 4th Down Situations:

      "Four -Fourth Down T.N.F. Situations" = 2609 << What Day?

      I also Predict a 44 yard FG Miss:

      "Forty Four Yard Missed FG's" = 333
      "Greenbay Win Four Week Four" = 333
      "Make America Great Again Agenda" = 333

  3. Looks like bill Self is a sacrifice. He won 14 big 12 titles. end= 14

  4. Hey Zach check this out I find this interesting especially of Troy Aikman mentioning 33% like how the SuperBowl is on the 33rd day of the year https://twitter.com/troyaikman/status/1176323299120504833?s=21

  5. Zach! You need to look at this Navy/Memphis football game on Thursday 9/26/19. I was breaking this game down Mathematically and kept noticing odd numbers such as 777,811 etc
    If you're familiar with varying opinions on something happening on 11/11/19, this game is halfway between 8/11 and 11/11.
    From Ken Niumatalolo's birthday(5/8)to game is 141 days
    141st prime is 811.
    He is 54 years old
    From the game until Mike Norvell's birthday(11/11) is 47 days.
    He is 37 yrs old
    37 is 12th prime
    From 8/11 til 11/11 is 93 days
    This is the 5th game between the teams
    U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln was commissioned on 11/11/89
    The Abraham Lincoln is the 5th Nimitz class Air Force Carrier
    It is the Flagship for Carrier Strike Group 12
    Definitely some odd synchronicities

    1. Reeks of high heaven. Smells like skid marks to me.

    2. Niumatalolo's birthday just happens to be the day Trump sent U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and strike force to the Gulf. 30th year Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln. This game is riddled with clues to world events and NFL.

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  8. https://youtu.be/ql7eoClLgNQ....
    First Take had a guy on talking about the year of the black QB. This keeps coming up and I think it will this whole season into the super bowl!

    1. "Find White QB's in Superbowl LIV" = 135, 333
      "NFL [JoeFlacco DrewBrees] Code Symbols" = 135, 333

      "Joe Flacco's One Win One Loss Record" = 333
      "Make America Great Again Agenda" = 333

  9. who yall like this week KC VS LIONS?

    1. Well according to Zach, since Chiefs = 50, the chiefs will go 5-0, apparently they must go 5-0 to start every season, Ill do a google search now to see LMFAO, so stupid gemotria is!! I like Lions, but not based on anything

  10. brady has 911 pass yards after playing the jets that is hilarious just goes to show you how rigged the nfl is

  11. Redskins will win this weekend. 3 is the limit.....I better be right lol

    1. you still feel Niners in SB over Pats?

    2. You crazy niners arent going dude, just like Washington would beat bears bonehead????????

    3. How are your Washington and Niner predictions related? Does one rely on the other?

  12. Didn't Brady's wife claim to be a witch doing rituals to help his game? I think there are clips still out there of her saying that

  13. had a calf injury going into jets game...calf injury equals 119 ord


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