Sunday, September 22, 2019

25 39 43 63 70 74 | Tampa Bay Bucs' Matt Gay's wide right, to help New York Giants win, a Super Bowl 25 ritual, September 22, 2019

Awesome catch here.

Notice, today has 25 and 70 date numerology, and this was a tribute to Super Bowl 25, where the Giants missed after the FG went wide right.

9/22/2019 = 9+2+2+2+0+1+9 = 25
9/22/2019 = 9+22+20+19 = 70 

Notice, the missed field goal was a 34-yard kick, that could have given the Bucs 34-points.

Notice Super Bowl 25 was in Tampa Bay, where today's game was.

They did a retirement ceremony with the Barber brothers, who connect New York and Tampa Bay.

And never forget, all New York Super Bowl come back to 39, Giants and Jets.

The kicker who shanked it today was Matt Gay.  What a last name...

This came 191-days after his March 15th birthday, the 74th day of the year.

191, 43rd prime

Again, he was born on March 15, the 74th day of the year.

Todays score was 32 to 31.  NFL = 14+6+12 = 32; America = 1+4+5+9+9+3+1 = 32

 The scored stayed on 63-points, for more mockery by the numbers.


  1. Danny dimes , scored with 1:16 left. Manning recitals 116-116

  2. But they made Tampa look like competitors for the future
    Jameis Winston =54

  3. I've been a bucs fan forever. Been following this blog for a while now. I knew that when d.Jones scored on his GW TD run so that he could stay at 336 yds passing, and the barber ceremony,and the 63 combined points, and lets not forget the passing of the torch from old Eli MANNING, I instantly knew it was a script being followed

  4. Then in the article about a new era in NY, the lady author make a reference about it being 3:16 left in the game and the players felt they could win it. What mockery

    1. Redskins are 2-16 at home on monday night at Fed-Ex field.. they get win tonight!

    2. Nope - does this change any of your other outlook/predictions

    3. wrong bozo, I actually Gave you some credit Ram and put 20 on it, stupid, should have known bears would win easy... You gaymatria guys are hilarious all your little numbers and they fail... their has to be a better way .


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