Thursday, September 26, 2019

42 55 88 104 213 257 | Death of Alan Napier, Alfred Pennysworth +Donald Trump, Mr. I am Batman

Read about the Joker, 88 and Jack Napier here, in light of of the Joker coming out on October 4, the day leaving 88-days left in the year:

The actor Alan Napier played Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler, and he died August or 8/8, in the year '88.

Read about death of Adam West (Robin) at age 88:

His date off death had 104 numerology, like how the Joker comes out on October 4, or 10/4, like 104.

8/8/88 = 8+8+88 = 104

Keep in mind the numerous Trump and Batman references we have documented:

Alan Napier died 213-days after his 85th birthday.

He was 85-years-old when he passed.

He died 55-days after Donald Trump's birthday.

Satan = 55; Numerology = 55

Donald Trump was 42-years-old at the time.  42.



    Have you heard about this? A memo to military personnel advising caution because there could be "trouble" at showings of "Joker", & that the "violence" might specifically come from "Incels".

    Apparently "Incels" are young white men who can't get a date.
    Despite (their) claims that the term "Incel" has been around since the '90's, I've been unable to find ANYONE -- military or civilian -- whose EVER heard that word.

    This "story" is very weird -- it reads like a promo for the movie, yet implies that a "Domestic Terrorism Attack" (ie. False Flag) is imminent.

    U.S. Release Date is Oct 4 ...
    10/4/19 = 10 + 4 + 19 = ... ** 33 **
    :D ;D

    1. Interesting that yesterday in Canada there was a news story about the "Toronto Van Attack", which happened April 23/18, and the release of the confession tape. This guy claimed to be an Incel (Involuntary Celibacy), and the reason for the attack, lol. Anyway that Elliot Rodgers of the May 23/14 "Isla Vista" attacks was also a Incel. From the Isla Vista to the Toronto Van attacks is 3 years 11 months or a clean 47 months... When you google "Incels" there are quite a few articles about this, so they are getting "us" used to this term and priming for something else. Just another fabricated group to scare women away from men. Thanks.

  2. Pretty sure Alan Napier was the only other actor to dress as Batman during that show. (Alfred had to stand in for Bruce at some point-- don't remember why)

  3. Neil Hamilton who played Commissioner Gordon in the original Batman movie and tv show has some interesting connections as well.
    Neil Hamilton was born 9/9/1899.
    Commissioner Gordon=99.
    Neil Hamilton=60.
    Donald Trump=60.
    Neil=22, 68.
    Donald John Trump=220, 68.
    Neil Hamilton died 9/24/1994.
    From the anniversary of his death on 9/24 to the release of Joker on 10/4 is 10 days.
    Donald Trump will be speaking at a really on 10/10 in Minneapolis.
    55 is the 10th triangular number.
    Neil Hamilton also died at age 85 like Alan Napier.
    Donald John Trump=85.

    Burt Ward who played Robin also connects.
    Burt Ward=55.
    Ward=19 and we're in the year '19.
    Robin=58, 77. Trump is Mr. 58.
    Secret society=58, 77.
    Burt Ward was born on 7/6/1945. Trump is the 45th president.
    Blood Sacrifice=67, 76.
    From Burt Wards birthday on 7/6/1945 to Trumps birthday on 6/14/1946 is 11 months 8 days.
    From 6/14 to Trumps Minneapolis rally on 10/10 is 118 days.
    From 7/6/1945 to 6/14/1946 is 343 days and 343 has factorization of 777.
    Order Out of Chaos=777.
    Trump was 70 years 7 months and 7 days old on his inauguration.

    1. Also, with Trump being at Target Center on 10/10, the Target Center architect was KMR Architects, Ltd.
      KMR Architects, Ltd.=67/76 lije Burt Wards birthday, 104 like 10/4 the release of Joker, 113 like mainstream, dishonest and so on.
      Target Center even opened on 10/13/1990, 10/13 like 113.
      Construction began for Target Center on 7/12/88. 7/12 can be written 12/7 like 127.
      Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=127.

  4. Trump = 88

    Donald Trump Impeachment = 880 like 88
    Jester = 880 like 88 (A Professional Joker or Fool like how they are trying make Trump look like a Fool or a Joke of a President subliminally)

    They are trying to cast some sort of 77 spell on the public with this Joker movie. The Movie release date is 10/4 77 Days after the Aurora anniversary and 7 years and 77 days after the actual date of the shooting 7/20/2012 like 777.

    Jester = 77
    Theater = 77
    Crisis = 77
    Christ = 77

    Ashton Kutcher publicly calling for Trumps impeachment

    Ashton = 77

    This is some kind of mind control

  5. From Trumps Birthday to the Impeachment inquiry was 103 Days

    Impeachment inquiry = 103
    September = 103
    Presidential Assassination = 103
    President Donald Drumpf = 103
    William Randolph Hearst = 103
    Bat = 103
    Jester = 103
    Theater = 103
    Crisis =103
    Christ = 103
    Ashton = 103
    Times Up =103
    Jesuits = 103
    Sorcery = 103
    Politics = 103

  6. Not to mention all the 103s we are seeing in the NFL.

    First game of the season:

    Packers 10 Bears 3 (Like 103)

    First NFL game played o October 3rd.... 10-3 like 103

    such a joke...


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