Thursday, September 26, 2019

TNF Halftime Stats Breakdown | September 26, 2019

41-points at the half; TNF = 41; Rodgers = 41; Green Bay = 41; Week Four = 41

Wentz has 63 yards.  Aaron Rodgers = 63
Wentz has 13 attempts.  TNF = 13; Green Bay = 41 (13th prime)

Rodgers has 241-yards; 241, 53rd prime; Vesica Piscis = 53 (Shape of football)
He has 233-yards at the half.  Lambeau Field = 233 (Finished 23-3)
-233, the 13th Fibonacci Numbers
-Recall the Odell Beckham 233 ritual on MNF in Week 2. 

Rodgers has 22-attempts.  Eagles = 22

Howard leads with 44 yards for Packers.  *Howard = 33

Wisconsin = 44; Packers = 44

Packers have 83 total yards.  Football = 83

The Eagles have 33 yards.  lol 

The leader has 16-yards.  Sixteen = 33; Masonry = 33; G = 33 

Ertz leads Eagles with 41 yards.  Green Bay = 41; TNF = 41

Adams has 158-yards.  Freemasonry = 158

GERONIMO has scored 251-days after his birthday (54th prime), on date with 54 numerology.  GERONIMO.  Think about it.  Last year, the AFC Championship was a narrative of the "white man" conquering the natives, in the Chiefs home stadium.  Recall, last year, was the 99th NFL season.

The United States off America = 99
Arrowhead Stadium = 99
Patrick Mahomes Jr. = 99

And don't get me started on how Tom Brady played his first NFL game September 23, 2001, the day leaving 99-days left in the year.   This year, Brady had 911 passing yards after Week 3, vs the Jets, on the 18-year anniversary.  Think about it.

Moving on, somewhere later in that same story of the "white man" conquering the natives, comes Cowboys and Indians.  This year's Super Bowl will be #54.  Go back and look at what I wrote about the Geronimo riddle.  Don't forget the Chiefs and Packers joint State Farm commercial.


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  2. Game tied 27-27... does it stay tied at 54 total?

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    2. Nope, another TD.. but 27 was important for this Sunday for what ever reason

  3. Fly Eagles Fly came through. Good call on that. No one else would've caught that. I was just serving up the numbers and you were able to make a case with it. I know you say player tributes favor the opposing team. They were going on about Reggie White though I'm not sure if there was a scheduled tribute. But yea Philly gave GB their 135th home loss since the merger.

  4. So dumb.. Eagles trip all over themselves a faint Atlanta, but beat ,lose to Detroit. But somehow get a lucky break vs Packers on a shirt week, away game

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  6. 103 is the 27th Prime so 103 and 27 have been big all season for the Packers. All foreshadowing and framing the 103 riddle they just put on Trump. Using a Whistle Blower Complaint 103(FR), they started an Impeachment Inquiry 103(FR) a span of 103 Days after The President’s Birthday


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