Thursday, September 26, 2019

43 50 54 100 122 | Jennifer Lopez and Shakira named as Super Bowl 54 halftime performers, Thursday, September 26, 2019

This news comes on a Thursday.  Thursday = 100 (100th NFL season)

Today has 54 date numerology.  9/26/19 = 9+26+19 = 54 *One Hundred = 54

Today is 129-days to the Super Bowl.

Her 43rd birthday is on the day of the Super Bowl.  Football = 43

67, 19th prime; Kansas City = 67
31, 11th prime
San Francisco = 122 / 50
Kansas City = 122 / 50; Chiefs = 31 / 50

More of her name gematria is as follows:

National Football League = 220; Jennifer Lynn Lopez = 220 

Jennifer Lopez is a New York native.

This news comes 64-days (65) after Lopez's birthday.  New Orleans Saints = 64

The Super Bowl is 193-days after Jennifer Lopez's 50th birthday.  193, 44th prime; Saints = 44

Super Bowl 54 is the 50th of the modern era.


  1. Jlo born in 69.. 1968 69 season SB was held in miami.

    Shakira born in 1977, Dallas Cowboys won the SB that year.

    '77 SB was held in New Orleans..

    Who does Dallas play this weekend. NEW ORLEANS. Dallas beat MIAMI last weekend.

    Cowboys I bet rep NFC this year. If not them definitely the Saints.

    This is Tom Pierce btw.. i know it said unknown for my name. Idk why. But boom!! Pipebomb

    Just like the Steelers will go 0-4 this year for the first time since 1968.. 68 69 season.. Jlo born.

    Bank on it.

    1. And ESPN first take hyping this year the year of the black QB... Mahomes vs Prescott would fit the bill as first SB to have 2 black QB face each other. 100th season... new century, new era.. shit just like a wwe storyline. But completely readable this year

    2. That's what I'm thinking. Why not? Im sure there's historical value in them teams as well. Jlo threw her big birthday party for 50 years old in dallas. Google it. Lol.

    3. ESPN talking about Dallas WAYYYYY to much. I know they are brought up alot in sports shows, but this year unusually much more.

    4. GB KC was first superbowl, so def historical value for teams like GB, chi, K.c

    5. I don't think AB goes to Dallas. I think he eventually goes to Carolina when Cam gets healthy.

    6. Jerry Jones ("JJ" = 20 / 2) or "Jerral Wayne Jones" (= 239 = factor 79 = 22), who will be 77 years old and will have been with the club for 30 years... AIN´T GETTIN´ANY YOUNGER!

    7. 113 = 30th prime... See Shakira comment below... Latinos! Texas! WAR!

    8. J-Lo born in 1969....

      1969 NFL Season = Super Bowl 4
      Super Bowl 4, @ Tulane Stadium, New Orleans
      Super Bowl 4, KC Chiefs def. MN Vikings

  2. Dallas=113
    Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll=113

  3. UnknownSeptember 26, 2019 at 4:20 PM

    That's what I'm thinking. Why not? Im sure there's historical value in them teams as well. Jlo threw her big birthday party for 50 years old in dallas. Google it. Lol.
    this is why not.. 2 black QBs. two teams that only started in the 60s. KC repeatedly gets nothing. Dallas already has enough SBs for a while. both can make playoffs but thats all.
    season 100 is about america and really older teams.
    .. just my take.. letting you know what i think, with out saying, gee whiz, maybe. I dont know. if yours happens, so be it

    1. You said it right there.. it's about America... Dallas is America's team.

    2. The two black QBs... perfect for 100th season. We have had two black coaches do a SB... why not QBs.

    3. Who you think it's going to be in the Superbowl?


  4. UnknownSeptember 26, 2019 at 5:25 PM

    You said it right there.. it's about America... Dallas is America's team
    Well, I obviously ment Patriots. Dallas owned the 90s, they won't be back for a while

    1. Patriots are done as well. Dallas has been to Superbowls in the 70s, 90s.. they are due to go back. You play madden 20? I played dallas in the SB.. commentary made the comment, prescott the 4th cowboys qb to start a SB.. he wears #4. I know that don't mean much. But madden has given away hints in the past. Just saying.

    2. Yeah, lol, I said Pats were done 2 years ago. Sadly, not yet. Dude, I promise you, Dallas will not go to Miami

    3. @ram29jackson
      Reason why I'm thinking Patriots are done as of right now Brady sits at 9 SB appearances, Patriots at 11 all together. Bradys run started after 9/11. Started against Rams, ended against Rams, in the two stadiums sponsored by Mercedes-benz.

      Chiefs obvious pick for AFC. Cowboys, Saints, Bears only logical picks for NFC. Cowboys make best sense for a race war themed SB. Cowboys vs chiefs (Indians) Saints if they walking off Brees into the Sunset. Bears, only thing I see with them is tribute to 100 seasons. But that's to logical and easy to see. Ppl will expect that. And it seems like every year the SB is in miami... NE drops off the map.

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  6. the storyline would be huge for a packers chiefs super bowl. The 2 teams that played in the first super bowl return and play in the superbowl in the NFL's 100th season.

    1. Nfl didn't start then though. It started 50 years before that.Packers is to obvious, too cliche

  7. 2/2/2020 = 2+2+20+20=44
    Sun, 2 February 2020 = 7th of Sh'vat, 5780
    "ז׳ בִּשְׁבָט תש״פ" = 38 (Hebrew Reduction)in duo 44
    "ז׳ בִּשְׁבָט תש״פ" = 101 (Hebrew Ordinal)
    Parashat Beshalach (in Diaspora)

    Shevat is the fifth month of the civil year starting in Tishre and the eleventh month of the ecclesiastical year
    7/5 or 7/11
    7th of Sh'vat, 5780

  8. Shakira birthday is the same day as the SuperBowl no wonder why they picked her as her birthday is 2/2/77

  9. Two big head trannies with big jaws and the sheep will be thinking oh look how hot they are.


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