Sunday, September 22, 2019

47 66 68 666 | Russell Wilson's first rushing TD ini 666-days, September 22, 2019 +Beast Quake Tribute Game

Read about the Beast Quake ritual in today's game here:

Russell Wilson's last rushing TD was November 26, 2017, prior to today, September 22, 2019.

That was a span of 666-days ago.

 In this game, the focus is the 'beast quake' history.

Notice how beast sums to 47...

And Seattle is on the 47th parallel north.

Recall how Marshawn Lynch connects to 'number of the beast' as well, which is 666.

Revelation, the 66th book of the Bible, which teaches about 666, Number of the Beast
-Revelation 13:18

This comes 68-days from Wilson's upcoming birthday.

If the Seahawks lose, they will be 6-8 vs the Saints.  *Update, they did lose.


  1. Today is 9/22. Emancipation proclamation ,anniversary today.. I don't know if thst mattered for the various black QBS

    1. did you notice the 0-45-1 stat they showed 49ers/Steelers game today?

    2. Teams that are -4 or more in turnover differential all time record was 0-45-1. At one point the Niners were -4 in turn overs today.

    3. Didn't jets cause 4 turnovers vs Buffalo? Interesting regardless. .yes, niners have the juju, the juice

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  3. SNF tide commercial
    #63 #29=911
    Jay Z has TIDAL (wave) and will do the half time shoes for NFL as part of joining the league.


    1. Yeah but they show commercial every week. ..and they still used Falcons and Eagles uniforms


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