Monday, September 23, 2019

28 73 116 | Death of former Kansas City Chief, EJ Holub, September 21, 2019

He died on his 260th day of his age.


I see some Packers numbers, in this former Chiefs player.

Packers = 73 / 28 / 116 / 44
EJ Holub = 73 / 28 / 116 / 44 

Sacrifice = 73 / 170 


  1. Died 260 days after his birthday if you include end date.
    Kansas City Chiefs = 260.

  2. Also don't forget, Patrick Mahomes the quarterback of the Chiefs is from Texas Tech. We should look more into how it connects to him.
    Red Raiders... Chiefs wear Red... Chiefs originally from Texas...
    Red = 54

    1. Patrick Mahomes II = 100. (leaving out his middle name of Lavon)

    2. Patrick = 33.
      Patrick Lavon Mahomes II = 333.
      SB 54 on the 33rd day leaving 333 days in the year?

    3. i'm simply going with another great year for Patrick. SB is unlikely. this happened before sundays game. I'm picking lions to beat them in Detroit.. no reason specifically. I just am

    4. I cant see the Chiefs in a SB, they are always punked, as is/was Marty Shottenheimer (Marty Ball) who has/had the most wins ever by a coach who never won a SB, Until Andy Reid topped him at #1. Andy Reid= Marty Shottenheimer, Both coaches, and teams, are always good, make playoffs and one and done, or 2 and done, that shit is meant to be, no need for Gemotria for that, IMHO

    5. Yes, it's the acting role they play. The supporting actor.Chiefs might get it later in Mahomes career though


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