Saturday, September 21, 2019

21 44 101 107 109 | Deadly shooting outside Ole Skool Sports Bar, Lancaster, South Carolina, September 21, 2019

A bar shooting on the 21st, eh?

It was the Ole Skool Sports Bar on the day leaving 101-days left in the year.

If you drop the 'sports' from the name, Ole Skool Bar has standout gematria as well.

And yet again, it comes on a Saturday.

This is likely a sports riddle.


  1. This connects perfectly as well with SC governor McMaster.

  2. Ole Skool Sports is the key.
    Ole Skool Sports = 211
    211 = Miami Gardens (Super)

  3. Clemson plays UNC Charlotte at home today in "Death Valley," in college football. This shooting comes 144-days after the one at UNC Charlotte.

    "UNCC at Clemson" = 44(Full Reduction)

    "Forty Four" = 144(English Ordinal)

    137-miles separate the 2-campasses. 137, the 33rd Prime.

    "Clemson Beats UNC Charlotte" = 137(Reverse Full Reduction)

    "Tigers" = 33(Full Reduction)
    "Orange" = 33(Full Reduction)

    1. This game between Clemson and UNCC could be a "shoutout,"

      "Shootout" = 38(Reverse Full Reduction)
      "Death Valley" = 38(Chaldean)

      "Shootout" = 109(Reverse Francis Bacon)
      "Shootout At Death Valley" = 109(Reverse Full Reduction)
      "Shooting" = 109(Reverse Ordinal)

    2. 137-miles separate UNCC and Clemson.

      "September Twenty First Shooting" = 137(Full Reduction)

  4. South Carolina played Missouri today. Missouri scored 17 in the first half and 17 in the second.

    "Seventeen" = 44(Reverse Full Reduction)

    "Gamecocks vs Tigers" = 101(Reverse Full Reduction)

    Missouri beat them with 34-points, the "murder" number.


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