Monday, September 23, 2019

47 110 | Ukraine drama could give Democrats no choice but to impeach Trump, September 23, 2019 news

I see why they went with 'Ukraine' this time.

President = 47 / 110; Ukraine = 47 / 110

And we know the rest of the 47 list, right...


  1. No Choice but to Impeach Trump? Great...Impeachment for What?

    If everything is a is the possibility of a Trump Impeachment.

    "Vote Donald J Trump for US President TwoThousandTwenty" = 666

    How dumb do you really have to be?

    "Impeachment Distraction" = 777, 239 <<< Today's Date?
    "Foundation Completed" = 777
    "Order out of Chaos" = 777
    "Cube of Saturn" = 777

    Claims of No Choice?

    "No Choice" = 168
    "Sheep" = 168
    "Fail" = 168

    "Decode Details" = 168
    "Saints - Broncos" = 168
    "Freemasonic Order" = 168

    Today's Date Numerology: 71

    "Target" = 71
    "Decode" = 71
    "Man" = 71

    Write Out 71:

    "Seventy One" = 144 <<< 12th Fibonacci
    "New Orleans" = 144
    "Killer" = 144
    "Time" = 144

    "Seventy One" = 45, 45 <<< Gematriot
    "Witch Hunt" = 45, 45
    "Fix is In" = 45, 45

  2. Comedian =44
    The Ukraine president is a former comedian
    Trump = 44th person to be president
    VP pence served 44th president
    No wonder they kill so many comedians
    Maybe Ukraine President gets assassinated?
    Remember the Russian reporter who faked his death ?

  3. *VP Biden served 44th President
    Today is the 23rd
    Hunter (B)=88
    Hunter Biden
    DC sniper Malvo turned 34

  4. Babbling Distraction, & yet NO mainstream media coverage of this:

    A Mexican magachurch leader on trial in Los Angeles for child rape & human trafficking. Over 15,000 churches in 58 countries -- obviously a successful front for numerous nefarious operations.
    Again ... Why Is This Not Considered "News" Outside Of L.A.?
    I think we know why ... :D ;D

  5. This also is not in "our news" -- though you'd think it would merit a mention ...

    Use the translator on your device if it doesn't come up in English. Apparently the largest facilitator of bringing coke into the U.S. was arrested in Europe on 9/20/19 ... not finding any coverage about it, except from sources outside our "borders".
    Yep, we are definitely imprisoned within these walls.
    :D ;D

  6. Zach, Melania Trump rang the bell at the NYSE on Day 45045 of the DOW.
    The DOW was first published on 5-26-1896. She rang the bell 45044 days after that date or a span of 45045 days, it being Day 45045 of the DOW. Trump45.
    Google: dow first published
    Google: melania trump dow
    It’s also “Betsy Ross Day”, date 23-9 vs 239 Arch Street.

  7. Also in today's news from the Washington Post: "A second chance"
    Twelve years ago, 47 dogs were rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation and allowed to live. They've enriched the lives of countless humans and altered the course of animal welfare.

  8. they need to investigate a pedophile?


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