Sunday, September 22, 2019

13 33 41 47 137 | The "Beast Quake" ritual in Saints @ Seahawks, September 22, 2019 +January 8, 2011 game

The score is now 13-7, after a 33-yard missed XP.

Notice the score is 13-7 at this moment. 

The fumble return was 33-yards.

Read this old post about the Beast Quake and 33:

First of all, what a purposeful mindfuck the NFL just did to Seahawk fans.

It was a 3 part FU to all Seattle fans.

1.  Talk about the "Beast Quake", Marshawn Lynch's epic run and the show the highlight.

2.  In a second of the highlight ending, the Seahawks current RB has a 30-yard rush...

3.  That ends in a fumble, and a returned TD for 6-points.

Keep in mind 137 is the 33rd prime.

And then it would get worse, with this TD, helping Saints go up 20-7.
103, 27th prime... *Week of 103

Notice there are 33 seconds on the clock when the TD is scored, on an obviously scripted, "NO ONE CAN MAKE A TACKLE" play.

Before that, they zoomed in on Teddy Bridgewater, with 42 seconds on the clock.

Sick stuff.

More images.

What's symbolic about Pete's nose?

And look who is grinning on the opposite sideline.

 Then it got worse.

HILL = 8+9+12+12 = 41 (13th prime) 
#13 scored TD on this play 

In the beast quake game, the winning score was 41-points.

Of course, #41 is having a big day for the Saints, at Seattle, all these years later.

67, 19th prime


1/8/2011 = 1+8+2+0+1+1 = 13 (41, 13th prime)

And recall, the beast quake ritual TD gave the Saints their 13th points.

2019 is 8-years later.  19, the 8th prime

In the end, it was #41, Kamara, who put away the Seahawks, after drawing a PI to get them to the goal line.

The Saints went for 2, and failed, of course, to stay on 33-14.

That would be 33 and the sum of 47 points.


  1. They have to have Seattle lose at some points in season. Still think they come back in this game though. . They annoyingly do often

    1. I called this game before the season began, and stuck with it even with Brees out. Saints are becoming 4-4 in Seattle with a win today. Seattle = 44; Saints = 44

  2. Pete Carroll has never lost a home game in September. This will be the first.

    1. 15-0. Lots of talk about the beast quake in this game. Think about what 15-1 would represent.
      151, 36th prime
      666, the number of the beast
      666, the 36th triangular number

      *The narrative for the comeback would have to be through 53.
      -53, the 16th prime
      -Becoming 16-0 in September
      -Seahawks would become 5-3 vs Saints @ home

  3. Pete carrol broke the bridge of his nose
    Teddy bridge water

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    Catch up minions


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