Saturday, September 21, 2019

Jeff Young sighting, September 21, 2019

Jeff Young speaks!  It's been close to a couple of years since I've seen him leave a comment.

Funny he complimented the video that got my main channel taken down yesterday, but he's right, it is a good video.


  1. I just saw this tweet....

    The Yankees clinched their 19th division title yesterday.. The winning score 1-9.. The winning pitcher Tanaka wears 19.. They clinched at 9:19 on 9/19/19.. 9+19=28.. 28th championship?

  2. Organic matrix struck today. I was listening to your video from last night where you're talking about the new truther site. Was thinking you've created an Oasis for truthers through gematria. "Oasis" = 63 ordinal. Then I looked to see your patreon post with all the 63s. Searched google for "Oasis" and the lead singer of the band had his 47th birthday today. What are the odds?

    "Wonderwall" = 2020 Jewish


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