Sunday, September 22, 2019

63 67 | UCLA beats WSU, 67-63, September 21, 2019 +Minshew, Falk, Bledsoe and Tom Brady MINDBLOW

Notice how 67 fits in.  And the 63.

Tonight's WSU loss to UCLA, 63-67, 130-combinied points, came with Gardner Minshew on the sideline.

Tomorrow, Sunday, in the NFL, a WSU QB will start his first game vs. Tom Brady.  That person is Kevin Falk Notice that will be on Minshew's 130th day of his age.

Here's the funny thing about Kevin Falk, playing Tom Brady, and on the date September 21, 2019, 18-years after Brady got his first NFL action, against the New York Jets, after Drew Bledsoe was injured, who is also a WSU quarterback (Washington State University).

From Falk's birthday to the game is his 269th day of his age.

It's a span of 98-days to his upcoming birthday as well.  New England Patriots = 98 / 269

Notice this headline from Falk.

Here's how the numbers fit in.

For starters, the September 22, 2019 game between the Jets and Patriots is 220-days after Drew Bledsoe's 47th birthday.

As for the 67, notice Washington State lost to UCLA who scored 67.

As for the 239, Brady got his first NFL action September 23, or 23/9, vs the Jets, in 2001.   ALSO, TOM BRADY IS ON 239 CAREER WINS.

239 is also the 52nd prime

Making things stranger, both men were the 199th pick of the NFL Draft, Brady and Falk.

199, the 46th prime; Michigan = 46; Tom Brady = 46

Read this article about Brady and Falk parallels, including how they are both making their first starts at the age of 24 (Falk = 24):

The thing about Washington State this year, 2019, is that they are in their 100th football season, like how the NFL is in its 100th season.

WSU was up 49 to 17 when UCLA turned the momentum in a huge way.  SCRIPTED.

Luke= 49

The game was put away with a sack-fumble, and the clock was stopped at 59 seconds.

Freemasonry = 59 (English and Hebrew); Luke = 59

Now here is the next bit of weirdness.

Minshew won in Jacksonville this week, getting his first NFL win.

That was September 19, 2019, the day leaving 103-days left in the year, and 103-days after the anniversary of the death of Andrew Jackson, the Freemason leader of the state of Tennessee, who Jacksonville beat.

Read about why the scored finished with 27-points (103, 27th prime):

Recall, Thursday Night Football, Week 1, was won by the Packers over the Bears, 10-3, a span of 103-days from the death of Bart Starr.

Read more about that here:

Well, it turns out there is a massive 103 ritual going on with Tom Brady this week as well, who has not lost at home since October 1, 2017, 103-weeks ago.

Keep in mind in Brady's first career game, vs the Jets, the score was 10-3.

*It is also 50-days after Brady's birthday.

If you count the span of days from the last loss, it is 722.  22/7 = Pi

There's a player that reminds of 50, Brady's hero, being from the Bay Area, Joe Montana.

Strangely enough, this game comes 103-days after Joe Montana's birthday,

Adding to the weirdness, if Jimmy G loses tomorrow, he will become 10-3 as a starter, vs the Steelers.

*Jimmy G can become 5-0 @ home as well; San Francisco = 50; Pittsburgh = 50; Steelers = 50

And even more, Aaron Rodgers, who played at Cal, in the Bay Area, can earn his 103rd regular season win.

For another one, Matt Ryan, who Brady beat in Super Bowl 52, is on 103 regular season wins.

103, the 27th prime; Brady is 27-7 vs the Jets in the regular season


  1. Some of the most incredible stuff I've ever seen.

  2. I still think pats win just mind blowing connections.

  3. article,....
    There’s a good chance the Patriots beat the Jets by a large margin Sunday, and if the margin eventually becomes excessive, Jets coach Adam Gase won’t complain about it.

    The Patriots clearly could have taken a foot off the gas last week against the helpless Dolphins, but were still dialing up blitzes and playing Tom Brady late in a 43-0 thrashing.

    “I like it,” Gase said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “But that’s just me. . . .

    Asked whether there was a sportsmanship consideration, Gase shook that off: “Nope. It’s the NFL. This isn’t pee-wee football.”

    The Patriots have outscored opponents 76-3 so far, and Brady has played every snap. Gase also applauded that (clearly he’s buttering up Bill Belichick), but said he thinks repetitions in a game matter, regardless of score.

  4. coincidences equals 103.

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  6. this might be also linked to james harden and the upcoming season for the houston rockets. Remmeber last season James Harden had a streak of "32" straight 30 point games last season( i think ucla was down 32 points in this game), and harden is also from Los Angeles were ucla is located. UCLA also improved to 1-3 on the season which is james harden jersey number

  7. Today is 223 lunar months after 9/11


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