Sunday, September 29, 2019

29 49 66 92 111 118 260 666 | All the Good Girls Go to Hell, by Billie Eilish, uploaded to YouTube September 4, 2019

Hell is associated with the Number of the Beast, 666.

666 is taught about in Revelation 13:18, the 66th Book of the Bible.

Notice, she released the song on her YouTube on September 4, or 4/9, like 49.

September 4, 2019 was 260-days after her birthday.  There are 260 chapters in the New Testament, which concludes with Revelation, the 66th Book.


In light of this song releasing on YouTube on September 4, the day leaving 118-days left in the year...

Let us not forget the November 8, or 11/8, fires of Paradise and Los Angeles, California.

My Lucifer is lonely is an interesting phrase.


  1. Billie Eilish performed on SNL last night in Studio 8H(88).

    1. H = 8
      H8 is 88
      Jewish = 88
      And that story is what inspired this post.

  2. 11-18-2018.. the day Alex Smith/redskins was injured vs texans... 10-6-19 is 322 days later, Redskins play Pats on that day next week.
    .. 11-18= the 322nd day of the year.. thats why Alex Broke his leg.. plus the fact he beat Pats while at KC.
    Alex Smith Made the Patriots Look Like Clowns
    joker comes out two days before this game

    1. You noticed the score between the Vikings and the Bears? SB 9 tribute!

  3. Watch out for them engaging in tree cutting operations, let's say, half a year or a few months before a fire, in areas that burn. The tree cutting is sold to the public as a fire prevention thing. Often the trees might look perfectly fine but are selected for cutting. I lived through this. The very area the trees were cut burned like hell and the fire was by the numbers. This is because enormous pines and other huge trees might impede DEW lasers from the sky from hitting houses and removing the trees makes it easier for a circling plane to focus them. I understand cutting down trees that died but these weren't trees that died. So in your face for those with eyes to see.

  4. 29th Sept 1984, Prince and the Revolution started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Let's Go Crazy', his second US No.1, and a No.7 hit in the UK.

    1. 'Lucifer' = 223 primes

      'The Law' = 223 primes

      ... @ ...

      'To Know' = 322 primes

      'The Proof' = 322 primes

      'Counting' = 322 primes

      'A Magic Number' = 322 primes

      'Full Name = 322 jewish-latin

      'The Pirate' = 322 primes

      'Magician' = 322 trigonal, and 156 primes

      The 156th prime is 911

      'Numerology' = 474 primes <--- a primary key

  5. "Hills Burn in California" 109 full reduction.
    Major fires coming to California October 9th. 10/9.
    "Billie" 49. "Wildfire" 49. When is the song released? 4/9 or 9/4.
    10/9 will be 35 days after the song's release. "Eilish" 35.
    10/9 is also a date with 38 and 29 numerology for "fire." And even 49 date numerology.


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