Friday, September 27, 2019

53 94 | Rodgers becomes 9-4 on Thursday Night Football, after late interception vs Eagles (The 53 and 94 riddle)

Rodgers 53rd pass was intercepted by #53 to conclude TNF.

Rodgers fell to 9-4 on TNF, and notice #53 was born on 9/4, and his name sums to 94.


  1. I judged this 1 badly...I had Eagles First, but actually the Packers lined up so sweet I was led astray...

    "A Rodgers Week Four Loss" = 94 <<< 9 & 4 ?

    09 + 26 + 20 + 19 = 74

    "Mock Cheeseheads" = 74
    "A TNF Road Victory" = 74
    "NFC East Wins on Road" = 74

    1. Packers super bowl 2 team record 9-4-1

      They tied 17-17 vs lions 1968

      Lions tied Arizona 27-27 this season

      Gaymatria does not account for history
      Eagles Mcnabb had Famous Tie game ended career in Arizona

      Brady won 34-28 in his OT Super Bowl

      Lions coach Matt Patricia 1934 hat

      Detroit=37 area code 313

      Brady can go to 7-3 the 21st prime
      The 12th prime 37

      Fords 700hp truck =RAPTOR like nba champs
      Megatron = Yellow Jackets Georgia

      Which team Brady beat ? Atlanta GA falcons
      Which coach Shanahan Jr 49ers

      Who won Super Bowl 49 ? #21 (3) butler
      What # was his play in NFL 100
      Answer 5th all time

      Tom Brady=35
      What was the #1 play ? Immaculate reception
      #32 Franco Harris born in 3/7 😂
      Steel curtain , killer bees defense

      How are your saints and broncos doing 😂😂😂😂😂

      Catch up minions

    2. "Saints [Two - One]" = 69, 174, 152
      "Superbowl LIV" = 69, 174, 152

      "Superbowl LIV Teams [Week Three Record]" = 152

  2. Haskins quote...they play Pats on 10/6
    ' I want to be like Tom Brady and Drew Brees and that's something that doesn't happen overnight. Tom didn't play at first

  3. @Ram
    49ers & cowboys can get their 6th ring in Miami

    Can you imagine Brady losing 4th super bowl to another NFC EAST team like the cowboys #4 Prescott

    Go to the chopper clip jerry Jones look at the tail number

    1. N945DC= 54, 49, DC.
      I don't know about N.. but Redskins will be good from here on in.

    2. It just needs to be older nfc team..Brady went to the catch game in SF, he worships Montana. He saw a Bear in Montana..DC =Dallas cowboys = District of Columbia

    3. You could/can say that 49ers are/were cowboy's, westerners

    4. Redskins lost to giants, they suck ass like you pussy bitch you are horrible.

  4. Washington Redskins lead series 6-4-0

    Points Scored: New England Patriots 232, Washington Redskins 205
    San Francisco 49ers lead series 8-5-0

    Points Scored: San Francisco 49ers 322, New England Patriots 262
    Pats will lose to these two teams


  5. Harrybutts106September 27, 2019 at 12:18 PM

    49ers & cowboys can get their 6th ring in Miami 

    Can you imagine Brady losing 4th super bowl to another NFC EAST team like the cowboys #4 Prescott 

    Go to the chopper clip jerry Jones look at the tail number

    Watching the Dark knight=vs Joker.., right now... they arrested 549 criminals in the sweep


  6. MikeyjamesSeptember 26, 2019 at 12:13 PM

    You crazy niners arent going dude, just like Washington would beat bears bonehead????????
    Two entirely separate issues. One is a short guess. The other has more clues than can be counted. I already know Washington will have a great year.. thst game ended up not being the start of it. Haskins is starting soon and do is the winning

  7. The AL Wild Card Game might occur in Tampa Bay.
    The Rays named Charlie Morton their starter.

    Charlie Morton = 70 (full reduction)
    Tropicana Field = 70 (full reduction)

    Also it will be 7 days after his last start.

    1. Also Morton is 2-1 against the A's all time.
      He could fall to 2-2.
      Oakland = 22 (full reduction)

    2. wild card game happens in Oakland


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