Monday, September 23, 2019

93 99 | CNN calls out Mitchell Trubisky after MNF, September 23, 2019

Notice how they got the 93 in focus... he played in 'Monday Night Football'

Keep in mind, September 23 leaves 99-days left in the year.


  1. a 2004* NFL preview issue cover you may find interesting. 2 cut outs.. one of Brady, the Other of number 55 for the Tampa Bucs, Derrick Brooks... Pats last SB is next year maybe

    1. yes, i'm going to be annoying lol :)
      an article from sept 23,2013.. exactly 6 years ago, on a monday, this article...Sept. 23, 2013..
      From 0-3 to a Berth in the Playoffs? Here Are 3 Teams That Have Done It
      this article lists 5 teams.. no date I see..

  2. I was so confident Haskins would start already.. they kept talking about 0-2 teams last week. I still say Redskins make playoffs after 0-3. They will beat Pats 10/6

    1. With the apparent connections to '93 season, Dallas was first team to start 0-2 and Win a superbowl. If that is the clue from '93vit only leaves 3 viable teams that won in week three:
      N.Y. Giants
      Carolina Panthers
      Jacksonville Jaguars

  3. Miles Sanders the rookie RB who backed up Saquon Barkley at Penn State plays on TNF this week, he is #26, playing on the 26th and has connections to Thursday. Barkley went down this week with an injury.

  4. "Miles Sanders is focused on 'getting better every day' is a headline article popular on the web right now, and sure enough:

    'getting better every day' = 257, 310, 112
    'thursday night football' = 257, 310, 112

  5. 1985 is a reflection for 2019
    1985 bears vs Patriots in SB 20
    36pt victory by the bears
    Their defense was#1 probably in history
    Today the Bears are top defense with a game manager
    Just like Macmon in 85.
    The patriots have seasoned vet in Brady just like Grogan
    Was. Patriots had #56 tippet and today they have #54 Hightower leading the defense.
    Brady is at 6-3 in super bowls and the bears are 1-1
    Like 9-11
    Chuck pagano had another top defense withb#52 ravens
    Ray Lewis.
    Today Chuck has #52 Mack.

    Top defenses have carried and won super bowls with game managers. Brady cannot handle strong defensive line play.

    Not saying these teams meet in Miami but the bears kicker pinero #15 seems destined to make a huge kick
    With his ties to south Florida.

    We saw the story about the gator in Chicago park.
    Now they have the former gator in Chicago
    Who ironically wears Tebow Jesus #15 jersey

    Trump had the Sharpie circling Alabama
    Hightower Alabama Alum #54 like SB 54
    Alabama is #2 in the country
    I believe it was 92 Alabama team that defeated the
    Hurricanes in the sugar bowl

    Just an observation

  6. The quake in Puerto Rico was 6.3
    Middle of Article Kiara Hernandez
    44 miles.
    Aaron Hernandez suicide
    Brady 6-3
    Brady was at 239 wins like 9/23

  7. Go back to that strip sack fumble which the bears recovered...... Keenum looked like he was holding the ball up waiting for that to happen and didn't really try to recover! The players are told when to do that with the mic in their helmets! That was hilarious to me!

    1. "M.N.F. Sack Fumble" = 45
      "QB Strip Sack" = 45
      "Away Team Win" = 45
      "Creates Drama" = 45
      "N.F.L. Script" = 45
      "Loses Three" = 45
      "Seventy One" = 45 <<< Date Numerology

      "Fumble Recovery" = 71 <<< On Which Day?

      "M.N.F. Sack Fumble" = 443
      "Deception Signal" = 443
      "Strip Sack" = 443

      What was it the 16 year Old Said?

      "How Dare You" = 45 <<<

  8. @ram
    49ers, Dallas , bears , packers , Vikings, Rams
    Patriots, bills, KC, Colts , Ravens (contenders & pretenders)

    Dark horses ( lions, Seattle, Texans , Chargers, Eagles )

    Best two teams (Pats, Chiefs)
    Dangerous team (Packers)

    Super bowl 1 packers vs Chiefs
    Super Bowl 54 ? In the 100th season

    By week 10 things will sort themselves.
    Everyone wants a Brady vs Rodgers Super Bowl (Historians)
    KC vs Rams would be a great Super Bowl (offensive points)
    Detroit breaking the curse would be interesting
    Dallas returning to glory is interesting and $$$$ for the NFL (black QB winning in Dallas ) would be a long shot.
    I know you love the 49ers vs Pats could be the revenge for shanahan & Jimmy G

    We just have to see which way it goes. I personally would like to see Rodgers get ring #2

    1. Strong defensive line.. SF is gearing up to be known for that. Trubisky#10,plays in Illinois. Garoppolo #10, was born In Illinois. Both teams last night reflect /mirror the 49ers somehow..Redskins,Joe Gibbs born in North Carolina(Trubisky college UNC), his son JD Gibbs,born in California in 69, where Joe was assistant at usc.JD Gibbs, died at 49, came in 49th in a race in 2000.he died in North Carolina.
      49ers in North cal.
      Northern California.
      North Carolina.
      NC =10
      Levis stadium=80,46
      FedEx field=80,46
      Soldier field=64
      JD Gibbs=46
      J. Garoppolo, J. Gibbs,
      Jared Goff as well.. lots of JG in California lol.
      C= Chicago
      C= Washington D*C*,
      C= Carolina = Trubisky/Gibbs.
      C= 100 ,Centennial
      That's why Luck retired (one reason anyway) he was born in Washington and played for Colts, who use to be in Maryland where Washington Redskins stadium currently is.
      C= Kc Chiefs
      C= Colts
      DC= Dallas Cowboys
      Season 100, centennial year..many C* associated teams will make playoffs

  9. We just have to see which way it goes. I personally would like to see Rodgers get ring #2
    Well, the Denver owner died. The son of the best coach for the Denver owner..coached in washington dc.. now he's SF coach. As a matter of fact,, I should also mention in the SI preview issue is a article about all the innovative coaches who were on Redskins including McVay and shanahan..Matt Lafleur.. McVay got his, last year.this year ,Lafleur and shanahan go to playoffs.. all linked to Washington dc.
    Last year's SI preview had a article on mcvay..Rams went to SB.

    1. Denver owner died, both Shanahans coached in washington. I think Redskins still make playoffs as a conduit. Pat Bowlens died in Colorado but he was born In Wisconsin. That's a reason to beat GB back then.. his death now, let's packers in playoffs ,with lafleur connected to shanahan, but doesn't equal SB necessarily.

  10. By week 10 things will sort themselves. 
    Everyone wants a Brady vs Rodgers Super Bowl (Historians
    Everyone wanted Brady,Brees too, I got thst one right=won't happen.

  11. Kevin O'Connell, will coach Redskins very soon. Born in Tenn, drafted by pats, 94th pick

    Kevin O'Connell

    Position: QB Throws: Right

    6-5, 225lb (196cm, 102kg)

    Born: May 25, 1985 (Age: 34-122d) in Knoxville, TN

    College: San Diego St.  (College Stats)

    Weighted Career AV (100-95-...) 0 (16071st overall since 1960)

    High School: Costa Canyon (CA)

    Draft: New England Patriots in the 3rd round (94th overall) of the 2008 NFL Draft.

    As Coach: 1 Yr (Full Record)

  12. The original cowboys were black and the Dallas Cowboys have a black qb and cowboys could become 6-3 in the SuperBowl if they make it I think it’s a cowboys and Indians theme so I think it could be cowboys vs chiefs

    1. The cowboys have already won their fill of championships for a while. Employing a black QB is a signal it will be a while longer. Black cowboy history sounds interesting though. I mean, dude,..there of course Will not be two black QBS at same time. Just my take, I'm not being a meanie weenie. Dallas might make playoffs, but they'll fall again..oh, and kc ,Dallas are only from the 60s.. the nfc team will be much older

  13. Lil bad x song old town road black cowboy


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