Monday, September 23, 2019

117 | Z For Zachariah, 1974 novel, and Robert C. O'Brien, the new National Security Advisor

Robert C. O'Brien is the name of the new National Security advisor.

Read about Robert C. O'Brien and the 72-year anniversary of the NSA:

That book was originally published in '74, 45-years ago.  #45...

 Is this book part of a CIA plot?

Notice the name of the book sums to 67, the 19th prime, and here we are in 2019.

More on the gematria of Z For Zachariah.

Washington = 140
United States = 77; Secret Society = 77
211, the 47th prime
67, the 19th prime


  1. yes, i'm going to be annoying lol :)
    an article from sept 23,2013.. exactly 6 years ago, on a monday, this article...Sept. 23, 2013..
    From 0-3 to a Berth in the Playoffs? Here Are 3 Teams That Have Done It
    this article lists 5 teams.. no date I see..

  2. How did you come to know about this book?

  3. I wonder how many popular books have CIA backing. I tried finding a master list of publishing companies but no luck

  4. Adding this unique find to the list of Foreshadowing In Literature, alongside:

    1) "The Wreck of the Titan, or Futility", 1898, by Morgan Robertson, exact mirror of the Titanic sinking 14 years later in 1912

    2) "The Final Jihad", 1993, by Martin Keating (brother of Oklahoma governor Frank Keating), mirrors the 1995 OKC bombing (2 years later), down to the main character's name of "Thomas McVeigh" -- like the accused Timothy McVeigh

    3) Numerous references to 9/11-type events -- including this mention of Tom Clancy's "Debt Of Honor" (& 3 other possible foreshadowings by Clancy)

    I know there are more -- can anyone help add to this list?
    :D ;D


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