Friday, September 20, 2019

17 68 71 132 258 | Prince Andrew accuser says she was forced to perform sex acts at 17, September 20, 2019

Notice the top 4 news stories for September 20, 2019.

9/20/2019 = 9+20+20+19 = 68

1.  Donald John Trump, The Apprentice.

2.  Antonio Brown, Mr. 68, the Rapist.

Read more about the 68 ritual with Antonio Brown here:

3.  Prince Andrew

4. The save the PLANET march.

This news comes 213-days after his 59th birthday, or 7-months and 1-days after his age.,_Duke_of_York

This news comes on the 153rd day off Queen Elizabeth's age.  153, the 17th triangular number

The news also comes 102-days after Prince Philip's birthday, on the day leaving 102-days left in the year.

Today is 76-days after the arrest of Epstein, on July 6, or 7/6.

It is also a span of 77-days.

Notice how the names Virginia Roberts Giuffrer and Ghislaine Maxwell both sum to 258.

More 258.

Her name also has the 132 connection.

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  1. looks like Kansas basketball is facing major violations (including bill self)


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