Sunday, September 22, 2019

33 43 57 83 131 191 | Clay Matthews Jr. ceremony at Browns game, SNF & their loss to LA Rams, September 22, 2019

Another halftime ceremony, and another loss for the home team having the ceremony.

Watch this ESPN special on Cleveland and 22, in light of this game being on the 22nd:

Keep in mind his son, Clay Matthews III, plays for the Los Angeles Rams.

Scottish Rite = 57
Scottish = 103

This came 191-days after his March 15th birthday, the 74th day of the year.

191, 43rd prime

His name was football as well.

The Brown final play was with a score of 20-13, and 33 seconds on the clock.

The final play was an INT, to sink the home crowd, down at the goal line.

And for one last point, the game was 131-days after Clay Matthews III's birthday.

Fifty-Seven = 131; Championship = 131 


  1. I didn't catch wind of this before game :(

  2. Next sunday is 9/29... so it sorta is 9/11?

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  4. Now he's giving himself another out.

  5. Out of all of Pats super bowls..have they been to Miami once yet? I looked last week but I can't remember if they went to one early on?

  6. Jimmy Hendrix born 11/27 or 9/11
    Curt Kobain middle name DONALD!
    Born on 4/5 😂
    The Seattle event like BANE in Batman movie
    Seattle vs the bucs
    #3 Wilson vs #3 Winston ...
    Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Satan=55 North Korea=55
    The bucs best player ever #55 FSU’s Derick Brooks=86

    In the movie #86 played by Steelers WARd Georgia alum

    3/11/19 Seattle had a city counsel meeting
    The Seahawks also have the TWINS on the team
    Both KNIGHTS!

    Jimmy Hendrix band Curtis KNIGHTS 😂

    Shit is going down folks
    Week one tie 27-27 cardinals vs lions

    The 27 club in Hollywood.
    72 dolphins undefeated #13 Georgia alum Scott DB mvp

    Kobain dead in 94! @ RAM
    Remember that NFC title game 49ers vs Seattle ?

  7. Russell Wilson 11/29/(88) 👀
    Winston 1/6/ (94) 👀

    Can’t wait, remember the Drone flying into the space needle ?

    Drone attack by Iran 🇮🇷
    Game time 1:05pm pst or 3:05 est (86)
    Legion=35 (8)
    Legion of boom=65 (11)
    Goodyear blimp=65 (11)
    Twelfth man=49

  8. Putting this herewhy not.

    Theft at trump tower

    350000 in jewelry stolen
    On september 3rd...9/3, 3/9
    33 year old woman reports theft of 117,000 dollar jewelry..117
    67 year old reports 236,000 dollar jewelry theft...236.
    Happened on the 42nd and 59th floors...42 59.

  9. Antonio brown tweet “ the child not embraced by the village will BURN it down to feel its warmth “

    I predicted the NFL will fold within 3 years
    But if Seattle is attacked expect a shutdown of the league
    For SECURITY reasons

    1987 was the strike year think Washington redskins
    Gronk 87 retired !
    Seattle Washington
    Washington monument re opened but still has elevator issues
    Vikings regret Washington QB Kirk cousins
    DC to become the 51st state

    So many clues ,Seattle’s #29 (11) gives Pete Carroll the finger

    The look on #25 Richard Sherman in Super Bowl 49
    When #83 Lockett falls as #21 saves game for pats

    Locked and load
    Now Lockett #16 could be all time receiver in Seattle

    Can’t believe he will surpass #80 Steve largent

    Notice the SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma city

    1. Redskins will win tonight. Haskins will come in.

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  10. redskins love the number 7.
    Dwayne Haskins #7
    Theismann #7
    Doug Williams #17

  11. I won a good amount of money on this game. I hope everyone caught the score. 20-13. Los Angeles area 213. Stay woke my friends.

  12. Who u like in kc vs lions this week


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