Sunday, September 29, 2019

57 119 147 | Jeremiah 11:9 "There is a conspiracy among the people of Judah and those who live in Jerusalem"

Don't get me started on the Dancing Israelis on September 11 (11/9), 2001, and the words of Ehud Barak, a Jerusalem man, who said the U.S. needed to declare a war on terror.

The Dancing Israelis were arrested in New Jersey.

For one more kicker, notice how Jeremiah and conspiracy overlap with Jews.

Don't forget Jacob, who becomes Israel, dies at 147, in Genesis 47.


  1. 10/3 will be 666 days, since Trump declared Jerusalem the capitol.

    1. “Six Hundred Sixty Six” = 103 (RR), like 10/3.

    2. “Assassination of Donald Trump” = 103 (R), 158 (RR)
      Freemasonry = 158

    3. From Trump’s birthday 6/14 to 10/3 is 111 days, or 3 months, 19 days... think of all the Batman (111) connections with Trump... as for 3 months, 19 days...
      “Assassination of Donald Trump” = 319 (Ordinal)

  2. The Rams gave up SB 55 to Tampa due to stadium construction.
    Bucs scored a franchise record 55pts vs Rams
    Winston’s #3 Bucs #5 FSU won a national championship in California.
    Rams lost SB 53.
    Let’s keep an eye out for #55 Derrick Brooks perfect time for a sacrifice, or maybe #17 WARd

    1. 54, he missed Extra after hitting 58 yarder


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