Thursday, September 26, 2019

13 169 | Melvin Gordon ends holdout, September 26, 2019, prior to game in Miami

Sunday, at Miami, will be 169-days after Gordon's 26th birthday.

Notice this news comes on September 26.

169, square root of 13


  1. Jennifer Lopez confirmed SB54... like I said a few days ago. Damn im good.

  2. The relevence... halftime performers/ national anthem signers always have relevance. Last year.. maroon 5, they from LA... year before, pink did national anthem, she's from north philly.

  3. Final score Packies (not Afghannies!) 41 - 33 for the 74! Otherwise 62 for the start time.
    Where do I get this shit? Don´t ask!

    Do you have an interview tomorrow with the guy @ NorthwestNews?
    Good news! Patreon straightened out my email notices situation.
    Cheers mate!


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