Saturday, September 21, 2019

29 33 43 55 68 85 203 | Howard "Hopalong" Cassady, Heisman Trophy Winner of 1955 with Ohio State Buckeyes, dead at 85

OSU = 55 ('55 winner of Heisman with OSU)
*Howard = 33; Heisman = 33

Another football great dead at 85.

Hopalong = 29 / 43; Football = 29 / 43
September 20 death; 9+20 = 29 

He died 202-days after his birthday, or on his 203rd day of his age. 22 men on the field.

He died on a date with 68 numerology.

9/20/2019 = 9+20+20+19 = 68

Notice he died 29-weeks after his birthday as well.

He played for Detroit and Philadelphia in the NFL.

He played for Ohio State in College Football.


  1. Don’t forget super bowl 22 #17 Doug Williams New Orleans native son like Manning was first black QB to win 
    Super bowl over the BILLS Trumps original team he wanted to purchase
    I'm sure you know it was Broncos, it Bills


    ram29jacksonSeptember 20, 2019 at 1:13 PM

    Super Bowl 22 was in 1988! 
    Notice Brady tweeted during the Jacksonville game ? 
    He said I’m done at HALFTIME
    As I said..last nights game was the super bowl. Jags were niners, Titans were Patriots. They made sure to announce a Brady tweet


    ram29jacksonSeptember 20, 2019 at 1:31 PM

    ELI or LIE has 244 games under his belt was BENCHED 

    Brady has 239 victories needs 5 wins to get to 244 
    The 243 victory is vs Giants the 244th comes vs JETS

    Pats will lose to Redskins

  2. Notice the two McDonald's commercials recently, black people are wearing Redskins jerseys..=Dwayne Haskins, their new QB. They wear #38, 68, 24 jerseys.

    1. I hadn't seen this commercial before until i saw you mention it so i had to check it out! I only noticed 4 jersey numbers. There was 3 what appears to be redskin fans wearing #'s 68, 38, 6. The 68 is solid gold and looks like a knock off as well as the women's #6 solid Gold jersey. #38 does look more authentic. And then there's the black male at the end in the maroon jersey thats covered with his hoodie.

      I aslo caught in the background two jerseys hanging on the wall and there's a green and yellow #1 jersey along with what appears to be a Broncos or Browns jersey in the left corner. (My guess is it's the broncos?
      At the very beginning of the commercial if you look in the background, at the wall, in the right corner.There's a flag that looks like it has denver's older logo. The image is sorta small so i cant tell. Just my observations though. Not sure they in fact mean a thing

  3. He was a Lion/Brown/Eagle..only one season with Eagles =Least important.
    Eagles play lions this weekend.
    I think Lions win and Browns beat Rams. I did before this anyway

  4. Of course his death synchs right up with OSU's game today vs the Miami RedHawks.

    The Buckeyes were leading 49-5 at halftime today. *His former NFL team, Detroit plays Philadelphia this weekend.

    "Forty Nine To Five" = 202(Reverse Ordinal)
    *"Philadelphia Eagles" = 202(Francis Bacon)

    "Forty Nine To Five" = 203(English Ordinal)

    OSU "exploded" for a "monster" 2nd quarter for 42-points.

    "Forty Two" = 43(Full Reduction)

    "Exploded" = 85(English Ordinal)
    "Monster" = 85(Reverse Ordinal)

    "Explosion" = 42(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "September 20" = 42(Full Reduction)
    "Sep 20" = 42(English Ordinal)

    OSU was only leading 7-5 at the end of the 1st quarter.

    "Seven To Five" = 55(Chaldean)
    "Sep 20, 2019" = 55(Reverse Ordinal)

    "42-points" = 75(Reverse Ordinal)(42-0 after 7-5)
    "Explosive 2nd Quarter" = 75(Chaldean)

    The game was close at the end of the first quarter, but turned into a blowout at halftime with a total of 54-points.

    "Close" = 54(English Ordinal)
    "Second Quarter" = 54(Septenary)
    "September 20, 2019" = 54(Full Reduction)
    "Fifty Five" = 54(Full Reduction)

  5. Season 100. Tomorrow leaves 100 days left in the year.. how the hell much will pars score on Jets tomorrow?
    It will probably be one of those games for the ages, like Bears v Redskins 73-0

    1. Cowboys play the Dolphins tomorrow which leaves 100 days left in the year if cowboys beat the Dolphins the Dolphins will become 5-4 all time against cowboys on aways as cowboys are playing at home and cowboys could become 4-5 and I think cowboys will be in the SuperBowl in become 1-3 in Miami Dolphins stadiums all time as they lost their 3 SuperBowls in Miami and will win this win ago go 1-3 like 13

  6. Ohio St. won 76-5 today in college football.

    "Seventy Six To Five" = 85(Reverse Full Reduction)

  7. If you sum the jersey numbers of Bart Starr and "Hopalong," it equals 55, like the year in which the latter won the Heisman Trophy.

    The death of "Hopalong," came a span of 118-days after that of Bart Starr.

    "Death" = 118(Jewish)
    "The 85 Club" = 118(ALW Kabbalah)
    "Bart Starr and Hopalong" = 118(Reverse Full Reduction)

    This also reminds me of how '85 Bears "sacrificed" the Patriots with 46-points. Both of these men played for teams that are divisional rivals of the Bears.

    "The 85 Bears" = 46(Full Reduction)
    "Sacrifice" = 46(Full Reduction)

  8. Welp....banned from like my 20th or 30th sports forum, maybe more? in like 4 years.. so depressing lol...


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