Sunday, September 22, 2019

74 133 | Antonio Brown quits NFL 74-days after his birthday, and 133-days before Super Bowl, September 22, 2019

Read about Antonio Brown's last NFL game here:

This news comes 74-days after his birthday, go figure.

Think about it.  7/4, like 74.

He played college for Central Michigan.

And recall the "74 ritual" with Andrew Luck's retirement, on Vince McMahon's 74th birthday, the owner of the XFL.  Will we see Antonio Brown in the XFL?

This news also comes 133-days before the Super Bowl.


  1. Antonio Brown and Andrew Luck the new faces of the XFL

  2. He wore 1 in practice and #17 in a game... why?

    1. Could be a sign that Patriots will be 17-1 at some point this season, including playoffs. Maybe go 15-1 and reach SB, or 16-0 and lose in AFC Championship Game.


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