Sunday, December 1, 2019

11 44 54 64 112 118 321 | French Quarter (New Orleans) shooting leaves 11 injured, December 1, 2019

11 injured, on December 1, or 12/1, like 121.  121, Square Root 11 --- Blood Sacrifice = 121

This shooting comes on a Sunday, and New Orleans is a football city, the sport that features 11 men competing against 11 more men.

You'll notice below that they're reporting 2 of the 11 victims are in critical condition.

In the end, they might report 2 dead, 9 injured.  Football = 29

The Super Bowl is February 2, 2020, a span of 64-days from today.  New Orleans Saints = 64

It is also 63-days later.

Shooting syncs with Saints.

Today' date can be written 1/12 as well, like 112.  Super Bowl = 112


Notice Canal Street sums to 118.  This number is often found around death and killing.

Last year Los Angeles burned on November 8 and LA ended up in the Super Bowl vs. the Patriots.

Los Angeles, California = 118
Los Angeles, on the 118th Meridian West
Patriots = 118; Tom Brady = 118 (LA Rams lost to Patriots)

The reporting of 3:21 AM is very specific.  Today happens to be Drew Brees' 321st day of his age.

And for one last related point...

It is the year of Super Bowl 54.

Related - October 6, 2019 Kansas City Bar shooting:

Notice the mention of Bourbon Street above.

These two incidents come a span of 57-days apart (also 1-month 26-days).


  1. Hey Zach, have you heard about this new legislation to sterilize YouTube?

    1. "Start Date of Google Censorship" = 127 <<< 31st Prime
      "Hidden Gematria in Headline" = 127

      127 is like December 7th? <<< Pearl Harbor Day?

      "One Thousand Two Hundred Seven" = 333 <<<

      "Pearl Harbor Code" = 666, 141

      "Repeat Pearl Harbor" = 179
      "Nine Hundred Eleven" = 179 <<< 41st Prime

      "Repeat Pearl Harbor Coming" = 777
      "Order out of Chaos" = 777

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  2. Saints won't have anything to do with SB. Thus involves the SF ,NO game coming up. Also State Farm = SF= san francisco

    1. No but if Sainrs make SB, Zach predicted it

    2. 49ers lost to Lamar Jackson
      California teams not winning shit
      Saints not winning shit

  3. Zachary doesnt give a fuck about anything but his little Patreon money. He's now engulfed and obsessed with all things gambling and sports, yet would and will never place a bet on himself. Can see right through this fraud. SCAM ARTIST.

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  5. Guaranteed Warriors win NBA Finals, a Canadian team wins Stanley Cup and the Mariners win the World Series.

    L, after L, after L. He's a mess.

  6. Zach just throwing shit against the wall and hope it sticks. Like he does with his Patreon. Throws up " Notes " on everything then whatever sticks, he'll come back and say " as predicted ". He doesn't have a clue who's going to the Super Bowl.

  7. Burn in hell brother. I hope it's real just so you can burn there you fraud.

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  9. Harrybutts106December 1, 2019 at 1:45 PM

    49ers lost to Lamar Jackson 
    California teams not winning shit 
    Saints not winning shit
    Regular season proves nothing in that regard. What's this California anti clue you think you have? Kaepernick abd the niners are the key. State farm =sf.. state red uniform =niners, the logo is 3 sf logos together


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