Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Super Bowl 49, Glendale and 33rd Parallel Explosions in History

Super Bowl 49 will be played February 1, 2015, in Glendale, Arizona, the home of the Arizona Cardinals.  Glendale Arizona is located directly on the 33rd Parallel North, and has a name equating to 33.
  • Glendale = 7+3+5+5+4+1+3+5 = 33
  • February 1, 2015 = 2/1/2015 = 2+1+2+0+1+5 = 11
What is discomforting about this game, is much the same that was discomforting about Super Bowl 48, which was played on February 2, the 33rd day of the year.  With regards to thirty-three, the number has much to do with destruction, especially when it comes to nuclear and atomic blasts.  Further, NFL terrorism has been foreshadowed in public fiction for sometime, and the NFL itself has taken measures in recent years to make sure they would not be liable for any damage caused by a terrorist attack at an NFL football game.

With regards to major explosions on the 33rd parallel, it was that same parallel where atomic bombs were first tested in Arizona's neighboring state, New Mexico, after the 33rd President, Harry Truman took office when FDR died unexpectedly in Warm Springs, Georgia, which is also located on the 33rd parallel.  The last day FDR spent in the White House was March, 29 1945; a date with a numerology of 33.  After FDR's death, Truman would order an atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on the date August 6, 1945; a date with a numerology of 33 as well.
  • 3/29/1945 = 3+2+9+1+9+4+5 = 33
  • 8/6/1945 = 8+6+1+9+4+5 = 33
    • Hiroshima is on the 34th Parallel North
    • Nagasaki is on the 32nd Parallel North
      • Both cities are just fractions of a degree off the 33rd Parallel North
In the movie Oblivion, it is said that the last Super Bowl ever played was held at MetLife Stadium, the home of Super Bowl 48.  Perhaps that line from the movie was true, in the regard that no other Super Bowl will ever reach completion.  Should something awful happen at next year's Super Bowl, it will be on the eve of the thirty-third day of the year.  Perhaps February 2, 2015, will be the first day of National Martial Law.  While one can never be certain, the likelihood of national martial law, based on what is happening in the world, and the precautions our government is taking by means of laws and arming police, seems very plausible.  Further, something as terrible or worse than 9/11 also seems very likely due to the fact that the parties responsible for the first 9/11 have never been brought to justice.
  • World Trade Center Construction Began in 1968
  • 9-1-1 was made national emergency dialing code in 1968
  • George W. Bush graduated from Yale in 1968
    • 33 years later...
      • George W. Bush becomes President January 20, 2001
        • January 20 = 1+2+0 = 3
        • 2001 = 2+0+0+1 = 3
      • September 11, 2001 occurs
        • George W. Bush was born 7/6/1946
          • 7+6+1+9+4+6 = 33
      • Tribute to Light for fallen WTC towers lasts 33 nights
        • March 11, 2002 to April 14, 2002
  • Police = 7+6+3+9+3+5 = 33
  • Nuclear = 5333519
  • Football = 66622133
144 (Super Bowl 49 Update)

  • Glendale, Arizona = 144 (Simple English Gematria) (Pythagorean Above)
  • Seahawks are 14-4
  • Patriots are 14-4
  • 12x12 = 144
  • 144 is the 12th Fibonacci Number
  • 144 is the 12th Number in the Golden Number Sequence
  • The Marysville-Pilchuck High School Shooting Happened 144,000 Minutes Before Super Bowl 49
  • Washington = 5+1+1+8+9+5+7+2+6+5 = 49
  • Revelation 7:4 mentions 144,000
  • The Seahawks were established in 1974 (Joined NFL '76)
  • Forty Four = 144
    • "44" has been a theme all year in the NFL


  1. not to mention that in back to the future (which has 9/11 references) in the second movie there is a sign saying phoenix, boston and london. so made me wonder if pheonix would be on the cards for a false flag. they also went 30 years in the future which is 2015. so i was wondering if something big would happen in 2015. so its a bit concerning that the superbowl is there next year.

  2. doing a bit of research i found out something quite interesting. i was sure something something was going to happen at the london olympics, however nothing did. you can not however deny the abundance of freemason symbolism. so how is this for a 'coincidence' that if you take the midpoint of the olympics, from the start of the opening ceremony to the end of the closing ceremony and add 911 days, you get 5:30pmest feb 1st 2015. so that in itself is quite interesting, however, if you factor in daylight savings it gets even more precise. the Olympics were held during daylight savings, the superbowl will not be. so 911 days from the midpoint of the olympics is 5:30pm est (non-daylight savings), but in daylight savings time it would be 6:30pm est. so if u bring that factor in, it ends up being exact, to the hour, mid-point olympics to the start of superbowl 49. time will tell........


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