Tuesday, February 11, 2014

33 Watch: Tampere, Finland and Kiira Korpi

Kiira Korpi

Tampere, Finland is the most populous inland city of any of the Nordic countries.  It is a city that was established in 1779, and became a banking and industrial capital of the region.  Today, it is debated where the name Tampere came from, as it does not have clear roots.  With what I have learned about the original 13 colonies, which were being established at this same point in history, I have an idea where the name Tampere, Finland came from.
  • Tampere = 2+1+4+7+5+9+5 = 33
  • Finland = 6+9+5+3+1+5+4 = 33
In the United States, Delaware was established as the first State of the United States on December 7, 1787.  It is one of three states to have a numeric value of 33, with the others being Massachusetts, the sixth state, and Hawaii, the fiftieth and final state.
  • Delaware = 4+5+3+1+5+1+9+5 = 33
  • 12/7/1787 = 1+2+7+1+7+8+7 = 33
In recent history, the Korpi family has come to prominence, originating from the town of Tampere, Finland.  Kiira Korpi, daughter of Olympian father, is a current Olympian figure-skater from Finland, who is as much known for her beauty, as she is her skating talent.  Let us examine the numerology of Korpi as well as Kiira, with the interesting "two-i" spelling.
  • Korpi = 2+6+9+7+9 = 33
  • Kiira = 2+9+9+9+1 = 30 = 3
  • Kiira Korpi = 333
Some people are born into the right families.

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