Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The False Flag Sea Vessel: Maersk Alabama

The Maersk Alabama is making news headlines today for the third time since April of 2009, when the ship was hijacked by Somali pirates, or at least so the story goes.  Before moving ahead in the post, the numerology of the name 'Maersk Alabama' will be important for us to know.  Let us quickly examine.
  • Maersk = 4+1+5+9+1+2 = 22 = 4
    • 22 = Master Builder, and foundation because of sum of 4
  • Alabama = 1+3+1+2+1+4+1 = 13 = 4
    • Four equals foundation
  • Maersk Alabama = 4 4
Thus the name 'Maersk Alabama' breaks down to 4 4.  This number sequence, 4 and 4, is going to come up in curious ways in looking at the stories that have been reported involving this ship.  For example, today it is reported that "two former Navy seals were found dead on the ship" in what is being reported as a mystery and ongoing investigation at this point.  While the names of the men have not been reported, their ages have been.  Both of the deceased former Navy Seals are 44 years old.  When their names are released, it will be interesting to see if they are coded numbers as well, possibly even forty-four.

The first time the ship made the news, was April 8, 2009, when the ship was hijacked by Pirates; marking the first time a ship with a U.S. flag had been hijacked by pirates since the 19th Century.  Let us quickly examine the numerology of this date, as it exposes a coded 311, a number that is often associated with false flag attacks.  This event also occurred in the month of April, a month plagued by government false flag attacks; from the Lincoln assassination; to MLK assassination, to Waco; to OKC; to the BP Gulf Oil Spill.
  • April 8 = 4/8 = 4+8 = 12 = 3
  • 2009 = 2+0+0+9 = 11
  • 3 and 11
The ship was supposedly hijacked by four teenage Somali pirates, 440 km off of the coast of Somalia, three of which were eventually killed by sniper fire on April 12, 2009, the same day U.S. military was able to recapture control of the vessel and arrest the remaining pirate.  Captain Richard Phillips, the leader of the vessel, was also rescued.  The surviving Pirate was named 'Muse', a curious name for a Somalia citizen if you ask me.  In English, the word 'muse' means something that inspires for later work, or causes the mind to exercise reason.
  • Muse = 4+3+1+5 = 13 = 4
  • Muse was tried in New York City, and received a prison sentence of 33-years and 9 months.
    • 33... isn't it telling?
Also of importance, the crew of the Maersk Alabama had a specific drill for how to respond to a pirate attack on April 7, the day before the hijacking.  Please know that our government as well as the U.K government has a history of scheduling drills for days close to, or on the days of, false flag attacks.  In the case of September 11, FEMA was called to NYC on September 10, to practice a major bio-terror drill cleanup on September 11.  In the case of the U.K., a drill was scheduled for the exact times and places trains exploded on 7/7/2005 in London.  What are the odds?

On March 9, 2011, it was again reported in the media that four pirates had attempted to hijack the Maersk Alabama, but were held off by air horn cannons.  The footage of this "close call" was shown in the mainstream media.

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