Wednesday, August 27, 2014

33 77 | How D.C. Politics Work, and Everywhere Else | Fake News Exposed

Checkout this story pertaining to a 77-year old man who collapsed and died in front of a D.C. Fire Station without being responded to.  The location of Washington D.C. is the 77th Meridian, also known as the American Meridian.  From the story of the dead 77-year old, the characters are daughter Marie Mills, public safety official Paul Quander Junior, Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray, and responding paramedic, Kenny Lyons.
  • Marie Millis, initials MM = 44
  • Marie = 4+1+9+9+5 = 28
  • Mills = 4+9+3+3+1 = 20
  • Junior = 1+3+5+9+6+9 = 33
  • Vincent = 4+9+5+3+5+5+2 = 33
  • Vincent C. Gray = 22+9+5+3+5+5+3+2+7+9+1+7 = 78
  • Kenny = 11+5+5+5+7 = 33
Isn't that a lot of "33"?  The Mayor, the Department Head, and the responding paramedic.  I noticed the story did not release the name of the victim himself; hmmm......  Isn't it nice how the full name Vincent C. Gray sums to 78?  That's a lot like Governor Abercrombie in Hawaii, the 7th Governor who has a name that sums to 77...  There is a rule in Gematria that I do not observe or speak of much, but it says the sum of a word can be off by "one" but still "pure".  Thus, 78 could be seen as 77 in some eyes, perhaps to the Gematria pro.

Anyhow, the purpose of these falsified stories is to steer public opinion in the direction of, 'we need to spend more money for this to solve this problem because this 77-year old fiction collapsed and died right in front of the negligent firefighting department that now needs even more financing...  when you sum all the ongoing hoaxes together, it makes a real cumulative impact that is evidenced in the programming of our society.

In the end, the missteps of the event were blamed on Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe.
  • Kenneth = 2+5+5+5+5+2+8 = 32
  • B. = 2
  • Ellerbe = 5+3+3+5+9+2+5 = 32
  • Kenneth B. Ellerbe = 32+2+32 = 66

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