Saturday, April 30, 2016

77 91 923 | Jacksonville Jaguars draft Sheldon Day, April 30, 2016 (Will Smith tribute?)

Sheldon Day was the hometown kid from Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the Colts.  Instead of being drafted by them, he was drafted by rival Jaguars.

I saw that 9:23 tweet time and wondered what the angle might be if any.  It only took a moment to find, Sheldon Day, the subject of the post, played football at Notre Dame, the Catholic College.  Recall, the Catholic Pope took the White House lawn at 9:23 am on September 23, or 9/23, of last year, 2015, just as football season was getting underway.

Notice that Sheldon Day wore the #91 at Notre Dame, the number that Will Smith of the Saints wore, who was recently shot to death according to reports.  He played for the Saints, a title given to those in the Catholic Church who have passed and are remembered for their spiritual endeavors.

His name gematria is also interesting.  '44' was a number of focus in regards to the Pope's visit, the history of the Catholic Church and the Pope's name gematria.

Sheldon = 1+8+5+3+4+6+5 = 32/41
Day = 4+1+7 = 12
Sheldon Day = 44/53 (Religion = 53) (Faith, Karma, Hope all sum to 44)

Sheldon = 19+8+5+12+4+15+14 = 77 (Jaguars = 77)
Day = 4+1+25 = 30
Sheldon Day = 107

7/1/1994 = 7+1+19+94 = 121
7/1/1994 = 7+1+1+9+9+4 = 31
7/1/94 = 7+1+94 = 102

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  1. Just saw a thing of Obama on snapchat for the whitehouse dinner. It was the first thing on there and he used the app to morph himself
    Into a demon looking figure and said "Obama care is great! And it's really working! Sign up now!" I thought the whole thing was strange when i saw it from the demon face to what he said. Turns out that phrase in ordinal equals 513. This month (5/13) is Friday the 13th.... Also
    It equals 207 in reduction. Any take? Thought this was foreshadowing something for the 13th of May without a doubt


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