Tuesday, May 31, 2016

33 42 57 113 119 137 161 239 | NBA Finals Preview, Warriors and Cavs all-time, and the 2015-16 regular season games

Notice the Cavs and Warriors have played 107 times in the regular season, if you count the playoff games, which were the six they played in last year's NBA Finals, they have played 113-games against each other.  We just saw Cleveland enter the NBA Finals winning with 113-points.

Mainstream = 113
Dishonest = 113
Kobe Bryant = 113 (The Joe Jellybean Prophecy)
Michael Jordan = 113

If this series goes to Cleveland 4-2 as I anticipate, they will have played 119-games against each other.

All Seeing Eye = 119
Star of David = 119

Notice Cleveland enters the NBA Finals with 51 regular season wins.  When the NBA season began in 2015, Cleveland had not won a pro sports championship since '64, 51-years ago.

Cleveland = 51
LeBron James = 51

If you count their total wins including the NBA Finals, Golden State has 60 and Cleveland has 53.  If Cleveland were to win the series 4-2, Cleveland would have 57-wins all-time against Golden State, the number connected to Championship.  If they won 4-2, Golden State would finish with 62-wins all-time, kine of like the June 2 start to the NBA Finals this year.

Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl; World Series = 57

We saw Villanova win its fifty-seventh tournament game in the championship this season.  Foreshadowing for Cleveland?  Of course we know how 106 mph train wrecks are connected to Philadelphia and basketball championships, but are they also connected to LeBron James who starred in his first movie by that name at the end of last season?

The last time the teams played, January 18, the Warriors won 132-98.  Last year, the train wreck was on May 12, the 132nd day of the year.  If you go back and revisit my work on that wreck, '98' was the number coded into the wreck heavily, and the Cavs and Warriors met in the finals going to overtime 98-98, after last playing 98-days earlier, February 26, 2015.  Prophet = 98

From that game to the start of the NBA Finals June 2, is a span of 137-days, the thirty-third prime number.

Nike is located in the 33rd State Oregon, their slogan is 'Just Do It'.  I bring that up because the game was on January 18 or 1/18.

Just Do It = 118

It was a big news story earlier this year when Curry chose Under Armour over Nike, causing Nike's stock to slip...

From the game prior, December 25, to the start of the NBA Finals, is 161-days, a number connected to 239, like the age of the country.

Phi = 1.61 
(Phi = 16+8+9 = 33)

Notice also the span of 23-weeks.

Notice Cleveland scored 83-points 23-weeks ago.  83 is the 23rd prime number.  Golden State scored 89, matching up with 'King James'.

King James = 89

The league is scripted through James, not Curry.  Curry is just part of the narrative of LeBron.


  1. Thanks Zach. Cavs vs Warriors prediction came true, and it's looking good for cavs to win in the end.

  2. Hey Zach, it looks like the Cavaliers have 96 career playoff wins....

    If they win the finals it would be on their "100th" career win.

    One Hundred = 108

    Cleveland Cavaliers = 1008

    One Hundred = 648

    Lebron James = 684

    Cleveland = 468

    Tyronn Lue = 864

    The 100th Prime number is "541"

    Cavaliers = 54

    Will we see the completion of the Cavaliers on their 100th career playoff win??

    The new coach has 41 regular season games...
    and 14 playoff games so far...

    If we add 6/7 games to that....

    He will finish the season with a total of "61" or "62" games.

    Finals = 61

    "Sixty one" = 131

    Championship = 131

    Now if the series goes 7, then it would be his 62nd game.

    62nd Prime number is "293"

    Lebron James = 923

    Now check this out...

    "Two Hundred Ninety Three" = 1650

    If Cavs win game 7 than their new coach and the teams playoff record will be 16-5 ..... a lot like 1650.

    "Sixty two" = 930 / 155

    Which kind of reminds me of the "36th" prime and "151st" day of the year that the Warriors just won...... except backwards. If Warriors lose than it would definitely be backwards from today.

    Also Game 7 will be on the "171st" day of the year..

    The "171st" Prime number is "1,019" (119)

    Perfect day to sacrifice a team huh?

    "10 Weeks, 19 days" before Game 7 is 3/22
    (terrorist attack)

    Also, i thought it was interesting that if you count the end date.... The span of The warriors winning the finals last year on 6/16/15...... to Game 7 this year on 6/19/16.

    It's a span of 368 days

    Championship = 368

    And the span to Game 6 is "365" days....

    Or should we say, 11 Months, 30 days.... (113)

    Keep up the good work Zach....

  3. I wonder who wins finals MVP it should be lebron "The Chosen one" but who do you guys think?

    1. Lebron seems likely but could be Kyrie

    2. Twenty sixteen finals mvp = 99
      Lebron = 66, the inverse of 99

    3. Curry -120
      LeBron +230
      Thompson +700
      Green, Irving +900
      Iguodala +2200
      Love +2500

    4. Mvp = 51
      Lebron James = 51

      Seems fitting

    5. Rigged game, it is.

      But I keep asking myself, (if) when Cleveland wins, can you really give it to someone other than LeBron?

    6. Losing team players never win mvp :)

    7. Hey Mike, where do you look up betting trends to see where people are putting their money?

  4. Does the thunder lightning comparison still hold true? They both lost 3-4 I believe too.

    1. Of course the thunder and lightning thing is true.

  5. This is good stuff what worries me is everyone suing Lebron is not losing another final even my pops said it in he don't no nba fixed.

    Gsw could be the new Lakers in win 3 in a row I hope not but you never know with the elite

    1. money seems heavy on warriors though so far so lets see where the public stands

  6. Also, Penguins = 42/51 like Lebron

  7. As of right now, I'm pulling for the cavs but for whatever reason, I have a bad feeling about it. Is this the year they finally break through?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It should be but the elite love curry kids love curry he's the next Jordan if that true the gsw will win

      I believe Lebron would have won last year if it weren't for injurys

      I'm still hopeful cavs win but this curry love fest scares me

    3. We'll see what happens. I think they'll give it to Lebron cause it will cement him as a literal superhero for the city of Cleveland, and it will be the greatest accomplishment of his career being a heavy underdog going against a 73 win team. Curry will have more chances at rings, but we'll see what happens. There's a narrative for both teams so I won't be surprised if either team wins

    4. Another amendment to my response. It's literally the perfect storm for Cleveland to win. Kyrie and love got hurt last year, and the cavs still took GS to 6 games, so why not have Lebron and the cavs at full strength make amends for last year and have them get revenge on a team that's currently favored to win 75% to 25% on ESPN's BPI. Like I said we'll see. I won't be surprised if Cleveland wins, but I can say the same for Golden State. More so for Cleveland

  8. LeBron is the megastar, Curry is just a really good player in a perfect situation. If you put Lebron on any team, they go to playoffs and will be top 3 in the division. Curry wouldnt do that. LeBron has been humiliated 2 yrs in a row now he gets his due like Tom Brady. Everyone thought he was done after losing to Giants 2x and now hes at the top of his game at 40 yrs old lol. The script favors LeBron. GS lost their strength which is going small vs Cle, Cle can match them now and have enough other guys scoring to take pressure off LeBron

    1. You were also 100 percent sure N carolina was winning as a tribute to Espn sports caster stuart scott correct.? Dean smith?

  9. Hey Zach.. Kinda off topic, but I figured I'd post this on your most recent blog post.. Have you heard about this new movie that came out on Netflix last week, with Adam Sandler and David Spade, called "The Do-Over"? Long story short, it's pretty much about them faking their deaths to start a new life. We all know how Hollywood likes to mock, and laugh at the sheep, so I just find this funny that this movie comes out NOW, when 2016 has been full of death hoaxes.

    1. not only that but it also panders to conspiracy theories about pharmaceutical companies withholding cancer cures which is ironic from sandler

    2. And about that movie there's this story:

      Adam Sandler plays Max Kessler in the movie, and apparently there is a guy in real life who looks almost the same as Adam Sandler and is actually called Max Kessler (yeah right)!

  10. Please everyone for this finals stick with your pick even if your team loses a game don't start making shit up for the other team.i can already hear people saying " oh they want curry to win now cause this" or "they want lebron now cause this" GSW in 7..Sharks in 6

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  12. "Notice Cleveland enters the NBA Finals with 51 regular season wins."

    I hadn't noticed that. I did notice that they won 57 games, though.

    1. Yep. That's hysterical. He ran all those numbers for 51. I guess it's not rigged!
      And not only are you the first to notice...all these dudes commenting, ran with it. Goes to show, numbers fit whatever they want it to. And they call us "sheep".


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