Monday, June 5, 2017

16 23 35 41 54 96 322 | The death of the Ultimate Warrior at "54" and the 2017 NBA Finals +Warriors to Sweep Cavs June 9, 2017?

Remember LeBron wearing the Ultimate Warrior t- last year after winning the Finals over the Warriors?  Again, Ultimate Warrior died at age 54.  Oracle = 54

See my work on Steve Kerr's return and '54' or the Oracle win streak being snapped at 54.

This man left a comment about Ultimate Warrior and 16-0.  Does anyone know what he is referring to?

From the date Ultimate Warrior died, April 8, 2014, to Game 4, which the Warriors would have a chance to go 16-0, is 3-years, 2-months and 2-days.

King James ruled over 3 Kingdoms for 22-years, before his death at 58, 84-days short of his 59th birthday.

Also, June 9, or 9/6, would be the perfect date to go 16-0 in the playoffs, concluding in the NBA Finals.  Pi = 16; Season began in '16

June 9, or 9/6

This game comes 87-days after Stephen Curry's birthday, or a span of 88-days.

Last year the Warriors won their 88th game, 88-days from Curry's birthday.
This year they signed Durant 88-days from his birthday, on July 4.
Pi Day began in 1988... Pi = 16/29 (29-year anniversary, Curry turned 29 and scored 29 on b-day)
Pi Day is March 14

If the Warriors sweep... Sweep = 23; King = 23 (Sweep the King)...

I think we'll see this team with Durant and Curry to go on and win 74-games, possibly as soon as next season.  Remember, they scored 74, 314-days after Durant joined the Warriors on 7/4.

Should the Warriors sweep the Cavs, they'll go down in Cleveland, at Quicken Loans Arena.

LeBron James, King James, would be 3-5 in NBA Finals.