Monday, June 12, 2017

41 85 93 | George H.W. Bush, 41st President, turns 93-years-old, June 12, 2017 +NBA Finals & David Rockefeller

Today is George Herbert Walker Bush's 93rd birthday, the same age Reagan lived to and died at.  For those who have forgotten or are too young, H.W. Bush was the Vice President to number 40, Reagan, before becoming the 41st President.

Skull and Bones = 41

I suspect we won't see this man make it to 94.

Today would have also been the 102nd birthday of David Rockefeller.

Don't forget how the Cavs scored 101-points, the night before it was announced David Rockefeller died at 101.  '102' has been a special number for the Cavs in the playoffs as well.

Also, at the same time, remember how George H.W. Bush did the coin toss for Super Bowl 51?

Patriots = 118; Tom Brady = 118; George H.W. Bush = 118; Forty-One = 118

If the Warriors win the Finals tonight, it will be the 25th championship for the Western Conference, like it was the 25th Super Bowl for the AFC in Super Bowl 51.

Golden State = 41; Oracle Arena = 93


From the March 19, 101-point performance from the Big Three, until today, is 85-days.

Basketball = 85