Tuesday, June 13, 2017

46 49 57 69 94 147 | Joe Alhadeff, 57, Oracle employee, dead May 27, 2017 +Ritual sacrifice for 2017 NBA Finals?

Someone who knows this family asked me to look into this because they said they think he was killed for the NBA Finals, as a member of the company 'Oracle', which sponsors the Arena the Warriors play in.  Notice first of all he died on the 147th day of the year, May 27.

The Warriors just closed out the Cavs, 147-days after the MLK Jr. Day blowout by 35-points, where they earned their 35th win.  They gave the Cavs their 94th playoff loss all-time in doing so.

The Finals = 94
Ninety Four = 147

His date of death numerology was perfect for this year's finals as well, Warriors and Cavs.

5/27/17 = 5+27+17 = 49 (Warriors = 49)
5/27/2017 = 5+27+20+17 = 69 (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Notice he was 57-years-old...

NBA Finals = 57

And his name corresponds with this being the 46th season of the Warriors in Golden State, 1971-present.

Joe Alhadeff = 46 (Sacrifice = 46)