Thursday, June 1, 2017

27 45 58 60 63 213 | Reminder about the death of Moses Malone at 60 & Kobe's 60 point game 213-days later +Racism in Numbers

Dead September 13, or 13/9.

Freemasonry = 139; Tupac Shakur = 139 (Dead on 13/9)

Moses Malone drafted by Utah.  Moses Malone played in Philadelphia.
Kobe's last game against Utah.  Kobe went to HS in Philadelphia.

60 and 60... 213-days apart.

-Black History Month = 213; Black Panther = 213; Tupac dead 213-days after 2/13
*All Eyez On Me released February 13, or 2/13/1996, 213-days before death

-Len Bias dead 213-days after birthday
-Reggie Lewis collapsed in a game with 213-combined points
Game 1 of 2017 NBA Finals is 213-days from LeBron's birthday, on the day that leaves 213-days left in the year and will be LeBron's 213th playoff game all-time

Don't forget L.A. is the 213 area code, and a number coded on the deaths of young black men throughout history...

Read about Kobe and Michael here:
Kobe Bryant and Joe Jellybean Bryant:
Thompson and Curry and 678 3s made in 2016:

ALSO, 63, 45 and 27.

Consider the first of 27 Books of the New Testament, 'Matthew', and the 42 Generations to Jesus.

Matthew = 27
Holy Bible = 45

Recall how  LeBron scored 27 in Game 7, then Nate Thurmond, #42, dropped dead 27-days later.

Nigger = 42; LeBron James = 42

Darryl Dawkins died at 58 just before Moses Malone.

Kobe's retirement ceremony was April 18, 2016.

4/18/2016 = 4+18+20+16 = 58

David Stern said the NBA was about Stars more than basketball.

Prince died April 21... the Lakers, originally from Minnesota.

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