Sunday, June 4, 2017

Second Half observations, Game 2, NBA Finals, June 4, 2017, Cavs at Warriors

Durant made a big 3 plus a foul to complete a four point play, taking the score to 73, the number of games the Warriors won last season.

Curry scored 77, like the 77 straight 3 pointers he made at practice once.... (old story)

Theater = 77
Zionist = 77
Judaism = 77

I love this shot!

Warriors = 49
Revelation = 49
Durant = 49
Seventy-Seven = 49

Kevin Love made it 73-78 with a 3.

Magic Johnson's son, Draymond Green, made it 81.  Ritual = 81/81

Stephen Curry made it 83.  83, the 23rd prime

156-total points... Twenty-Eight = 156; Thirty-Three = 156; Milwaukee Bucks = 156

Remember the Warriors win streak of 28, where they were chasing 33, set by Jerry West, the President of their own team and the logo of the NBA?

LeBron hit a big 3 to give the Cavs 78.  He scored 78 in Game 1 as well.

Cleveland = 78; NBA Finals = 78

Then LeBron scored some more buckets and got a scripted long assist to Kyrie Irving, with the Warriors not even trying to defend.  It brought the score to '168'.  Cleveland Cavaliers = 168

Warriors with 88!  Earned by Livingston at the line.  That's how many games they won last year, 88-days after Curry's birthday.  Then Durant joined the team 88-days before his birthday.  Both he and Curry born in '88.

Then a 3 point and one from Durant.

Then an assist from Curry to Livingston for 93.  Oracle Arena = 93


The fans don't have a clue.

Checkout the 666 Goggles, both Curry and Livingston put them on, who combined for the 93rd points of the game.

Saturn = 93
Satan = 55
Ninety-Three = 55

LeBron would then score the 84th points after the timeout.

Notice that gave LeBron 27.  Cavs = 27

LeBron born in 84.  King James dead 84-days before his 59th birthday.

Klay Thompson would then make a deep 3 to respond.

The third quarter would end 88-102, the Cavs down by 14.  If the Warriors win, it would be their 14th straight win.  End = 14; Dead = 14

Ian Clark scored '106', the big number with the Warriors and Philadelphia, the original home.

After he scored 106, the TV crew showed that he was mic'd up for the game...

All script.

Kevin Durant would then score the 108th points.  Those were his 26th.  In Game 1 he scored 108, for his 38th points.

Klay Thompson then put in 111.  The NBA Finals = 111; Cleveland Cavaliers = 111

Thompson would score the next bucket too, make it 113, for his 22nd points.

Then Durant would score 2 more, making it 115, giving the Warriors their biggest lead of the night.

Durant would then hit another 3, making it 118, giving him 31, and Curry would follow with the deepest 3 of the night for 121.  Warriors = 121; Revelation = 121

I swear I can see the ball being sucked into the rim on several of these shots... especially 118 and 121...

Then right to Curry's mom...

Moments later Durant would score his 33rd points, NBA Finals = 33

The announcer said it was Golden State's 33rd team assist of the game on his 33rd points.

Then with the Cavs on 106, the camera goes from Curry to LeBron during the timeout...

Akron, Ohio = 106 (Both born in same hospital, 39 months apart)

Hundred Twenty Five = 223; James = 223

Ohio = 29
Pi = 29
Number that defines the season...

Ohio = 29/47; Akron, Ohio = 47/106 (Today has 47 numerology)

The Cavs were stuck on 106 for a long time, but finished with 113, like the Warriors won with in Game 1.  Scottish = 113

King James made King of Scotland on a date with '113' numerology.

The Warriors won with 132.

United States of America = 132; Catholic Church = 132; England = 132