Thursday, July 30, 2015

106 | So, the Taliban Didn't Know Their Leader Was Dead? Name New Leader Today?

Yesterday it was announced the leader of the Taliban had been dead for years.  Then suddenly, today, the media announces that the Taliban have named a new leader today.  So think about that.  This implies the Taliban gets their information about their own organization through the mainstream media.  Laughable stuff.

Check the name of the new leader, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour.
  • Mullah = 4+3+3+3+1+8 = 22
  • Akhtar = 1+2+8+2+1+9 = 23
  • Mohammad = 4+6+8+1+4+4+1+4 = 32
  • Mansour = 4+1+5+1+6+3+9 = 29/38
  • Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour = 106/115


  1. Doesn't mean they get info from media. It just means there is no armys or militants not controlled by these psychos.
    As a matter of fact I highly doubt there is any opposition. People living in villages guarding with guns (a few maeby) but not full on terrorist.
    Countries and militants (at least the ones that make noise internationally) are all lies meant to deceive their people in order to divide them from the world. The media gives them their reasons to be mad, happy, or any other mood.
    It is all lies bro. They aleady have every country, slowly and gradually been taking their rights through laws and regulations.
    All this considering u can only get guns from these people who are main manufacturers who obviously don't fund their enemies; only their controlled oppositions.

    1. I agree, the point of my work is to show what a "big show" we are living in.

    2. he knows.

      he's pointing out a huge hole in the official version of the story