Thursday, July 30, 2015

33 44 47 | Mystery Lion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Why does Milwaukee, Wisconsin remind me of President Obama?
  • Milwaukee = 4+9+3+5+1+3+2+5+5 = 37
  • Wisconsin = 5+9+1+3+6+5+1+9+5 = 44/62 (Obama, 44th President)
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin = 81/99
Also, think about Revelation 4:7, in light of the Pythagorean Gematria of 'President'.
  • President = 7+9+5+1+9+4+5+5+2 = 47


  1. Cuba received more than one million 923 000 visitors since the beginning of the year to last June, which represents an increase of almost 16 percent over the same period of 2014.
    According to a report by the National Bureau of Statistics and Information, only in June arrived in the Caribbean nation more than 218 thousand tourists, mostly from Canada, Germany, Britain, France and Italy. also it increased the amount holidaymakers of Latin American nations like Argentina, Mexico and especially Venezuela, source market registered the highest growth in step with 61 point five percent.

    218+812=1030 10+30=40
    And there's a mirror of 61
    Radio Moron lol

  2. New York Yankees Rumors: Yankees Tried To Trade For Dustin Ackley
    Dustin Ackley in Simple Gematria Equals: 144