Sunday, February 12, 2017

11 29 33 42 156 911 | Woman falls to her death from Oculus escalator, February 11, 2017, a September 11, 2001 tribute

Nice 10:19 post time.

This story is a tribute to 11/9, or September 11, 2001.

It comes on the 42nd day of the year, February 11, very relevant to NYC.

February 11th also has a connection to '187', the homicide code in some states.

George W. Bush was born on the 187th day of the year.

The name 'World Trade Center's Oculus Transit Hub' also synchs with 'Freemasonry' and 'George W. Bush'.  Remember, these are all rituals and tributes.


Notice they were '29' in age.

29 = 2+9 = 11

The initials for both twins are 'JS'.  J = 10; S = 19; JS = 10+19 = 29

The word 'hat' also has gematria of '29'.  '29' is the first number with '11' numerology after '11'.

Also, think about them being '29', and a 'hat', in regards to 'Manhattan', where the WTCs were.

They were reportedly heading back to 'Kearny', New Jersey.

The towers, which looked like massive 11s, were located in the 11th State, and struck by Flight AA-11, on the 11th day of the 9th month.

The name of the woman, 'Jenny Santos', who fell, has '156' name gematria, the 'false flag' number, heavily connected to September 11, 2001.

Notice how they emphasize she was a 'substitute' teacher.

In 1968, 33-years before 2001, the following happened:

-911 was made the national emergency dialing code
-WTC Construction began in New York
-George W. Bush graduated from Yale and Skull and Bones
-Space Odyssey 2001 came out

Jenny sums to 68 as well.

The name of the firm that built the WTCs has 156 name gematria:

Red Dress = 92 (Reflection of 29)

Notice the mention of '4', the number connected to death.  In Mandarin Chinese, '4' and 'death' are pronounced the same.

Open for just '10' months, eh?

Ten = 39; New York = 39; Empire = 39; 7/26/1788 = 39...

This story comes 7-months, or 213 days before September 11, 2017, the 16-year anniversary of 9/11.