Wednesday, February 8, 2017

28 33 57 107 | Boston Celtics 33rd win, February 5, 2017, on date of Super Bowl 51 + #28 scoring the winning TD in Super Bowl 51

Notice the Celtics won with 107 points, the 28th prime number, the day the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

It was #28 for the Patriots who scored the winning touchdown of the Super Bowl, when the score was 28-28 in overtime.

Remember, '28' is a perfect number, and a number having a relationship with '33'.  Tom Brady went into Super Bowl 51 with 33 playoff game under his belt, he won his 34th in Super Bowl 51 with 34-points, the same day Paul Pierce, #34, played his last game in Boston, at age 39, the same age as Tom Brady.  Tom Brady = 98 (Paul Pierce drafted in 1998 by Boston)

Twenty-Eight also has a relationship with 'Super Bowl'.

Again, it was the Patriots 57th season, the 'Super Bowl' number.

If you missed my post on Paul Pierce being in Boston on the date of Super Bowl 51, here: