Wednesday, February 8, 2017

88 | Elizabeth Warren in purple, Donald Trump's #1 opponent (Could she become the first female President?)

Elizabeth Warren is the most vocal opponent of Donald Trump in the Senate.

Notice, 'Elizabeth' was wearing 'purple' when she took on 'Trump'.  It's all a puppet show.  Some puppets are more likable than others.

Don't forget Donald Trump came out to 'Queen' at his GOP Convention exactly 88-days after the Queen's birthday.

Again, the Queen, Elizabeth, turned 90, the same day Prince died, who sang 'Purple Rain', the color of royalty.

On a related note, Betsy DeVos was sworn in as the head of education on February 7.  She is from the Prince family, related to Erik Prince, who created Blackwater and other private military services.  Notice her father died on an elevator, like Prince.

Let's not forget Trump's recent elevator headlines, coding 'Prince'.

Let's not forget this either, what Bill and Hillary were wearing when they conceded to Trump.

Last point, who is going to be the first female President, replacing the Trump administration in 2020, as the Simpsons have told us?  Could it be Elizabeth Warren?  Or will it be Hillary Clinton, at 73?  Or will it be someone else?

Hillary Clinton = 73 (Will be 73 in 2020)

Also, let us not forget this music video that came out just before the election by Avenged Sevenfold called "The Stage" which shows Hillary as a puppet and a puppeteer in purple.