Saturday, February 11, 2017

62 88 | Will Queen Elizabeth grant "President Trump" an audience, February 10, 2017 +Queen's 65th anniversary February 6, 2017

Out of all the things on the front page, the 'What Queen Elizabeth could teach Trump' stands out the most.  Remember, at the GOP Convention, July 18, 2016, Donald Trump came out to 'Queen', 'We are the champions', exactly 88-days after Elizabeth's birthday.

Trump = 88
Elizabeth = 88
Purple = 88

Notice CNN's 1:24 story, or '84' seconds...

The date of the anniversary was February 6, a date that can be written 2/6 or 6/2.

Queen = 26/62

Do you see the New World Order Agenda?  They're explaining it to you.

So, the whole article boils down to 'will the Queen meet Trump or not?'

Again, it's all a show.

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