Sunday, March 12, 2017

11 42 74 113 | The 100, Season 4, Episode 2, When Jaha says "42" & the 42 Laws of Maat & the 10 Commandments

This exchange comes in Season 4, Episode 2.  It is the first time in the Series of the use of '42'.

Notice, the black man, who was the leader of Sector 5, says '42', in Season 4, Episode 2.  This is also the 47th episode of the show.  In earlier episodes, "The 47" are an important storyline.

13 episodes Season 1
16 episodes Season 2
16 episodes Season 3
+2nd episode of Season 4...

The episode also debuted February 8, 2017.

2/8/2017 = 2+8+20+17 = 47

According to the show's Wiki, Jaha is 47-years-old.

Read more about '47' and Freemasonry here:

Also, as we well know, '59' is often stamped on black people.

Jesus Christ also has a '59' connection in the Septenary cipher.

As I've mentioned a few times now, this story is a retelling of the creation of the United States of America, and also showcasing blatant tributes to Christianity.  This same black man, named 'Jaha', plays a character embodying Jesus for a part of the series, prior to this happening.

As for the '42', that connects to the story of Jesus, where '42' generations are named leading up to the birth of Jesus.  That is how the 'New Testament' begins.

Keep in mind this episode debuted in Black History Month, February.

Let us not forget how '42' also connects to 'Jesus' and more.

Also, keep in mind this show is called 'The 100'.

In history, there are something called the '42 Laws of Maat', which trace back to the Egyptians, who were black.

Notice the first of the '42' laws has to do with Sin, like Jesus, who died for our sins.

Now who is ready for some 'salvation'?

What's funny is Season 4, Episode 7, will debut on March 22, 2017.

3/22/17 = 3+22+17 = 42

The first printed Bibles are credited to the date March 22, 1457.  They were called 42-Line Bibles.