Friday, April 7, 2017

35 46 62 555 | Truck plows into crowd on busy street in Sweden, April 7, 2017 +Repetitive NWO contrived chaos

Truck plows into crowd on busy street in Sweden = 177 (Reduction)

The recent Melbourne "terrorist car ramming incident" happened at 555 Bourke Street.

Today is April 7, 2017.

4/7/2017 = 4+7+20+17 = 48 (223, the 48th prime)

Another truck incident into a crowd, this time in Stockholm.

Just the other day I brought up the parallel of '35' and '555'.  35, or three fives?

Again, the headline is '555'.

Notice Parliament was placed in lockdown.  This comes just days after the similar London incident.

This happened on 'Queen Street'...

The train service is also disrupted.

The 'chaos' code is also present.

Chaos = 3+8+1+15+19 = 46

Notice the name of the PM, Stefan Lofven, or 'Freemasonry'.

It is 105-days until the leader's 60th birthday, or a span of 106.

Notice the cross CNN drew us.  The one street is Master Samuelsgatan.

Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Cross = 74; Killing = 74

The other street, Drottninggatan, has Gematria of '79'.  Murder = 79; Massacre = 79

This recap of "vehicle ramming crowd" incidents left out a number that have been reported, from the U.S. during Mardi Gras, to Israel and elsewhere.