Saturday, April 1, 2017

39 48 49 62 122 223 227 | LeBron James and Cavs earn their 48th win in Philadelphia, March 31, 2017 +Westbrook's 39th triple double against Spurs

Notice LeBron James and the Cavs got their 48th win against Philadelphia, the city name from the 66th Book of the Bible, Revelation.  Notice further the final score was 122-105, a sum of 227-points...

First, why 48 in Philadelphia, for 'James' and 'Cleveland'.

Remember, Gematria is a mostly Jewish practice, and the NBA is run by Jewish people.

More on 322:

'223' tributes to the Cavs are frequent, if you know to look.

This game came 62-days before the start of the NBA Finals, or a span of 63-days.

Also, LeBron scored 34-points in the game, March 31.

3/31 = 3+31 = 34
One = 15+14+5 = 34 (LeBron, the "Chosen One")

Mason = 62; Torah = 62

The Warriors won their 62nd game of the season on this same evening.

Now notice the Cavs won with '122'.

The Golden State Warriors are originally from Philadelphia.  Philadelphia is named from Revelation, the 66th Book of the Bible.  LeBron = 66; LeBron James = 66

Also on this evening, the Celtics won with '117', staying ahead of the Cavs in the standings.  '117' is an important number to Ohio and the Cavs, as documented in the past.

On this same night the Pelicans defeated the Kings with 117, the Kings losing with 89...

We know how the Kings are often used to give tribute to LeBron James, aka King James... who won the NBA Finals last year on the real King James's birthday.

On this same evening, the Knicks were playing LeBron's old team.

Also in the NBA, Russell Westbrook earned his 39th triple double against the Spurs.  Last NBA season, Curry had his 39th 30-point game against the Spurs.

The Warriors also earned their 62nd win, 62-days before the start of the NBA Finals, June 1, 2017.