Saturday, April 1, 2017

93 | The only NBA game on the date of the Men's College Basketball Championship, April 3, 2017

Oregon is the only state established on a date with '93' numerology.

2/14/1859 = 2+14+18+59 = 93

Ask yourself, what are the odds of this?  I've been saying the Men's Tournament has a lot to do with '93', and as I always explain, the NCAA and NBA (pro sports) are directly connected.  All rituals tie together.

In the Men's Tournament, there are 4 teams remaining, and 3 of them I can connect '93' too.

-North Carolina (Won in '93) (Dean Smith = 93)
-Oregon and South Carolina are the only teams to win with 93 points in this year's men's tournament.  South Carolina won their game with 93-points in what was their coach's 93rd win all-time.

Read more about the Final 4 in Phoenix, Arizona here: