Saturday, April 1, 2017

42 74 | Magnets / technology manipulating shots in NCAA & NBA? More proof in Final 4, Oregon vs North Carolina, April 1, 2017?

Did you catch Oregon's 3 pointer that seemed to be rolling off of the rim when it rolled back in, bringing the score to 74-77 (the score of the 2016 championship game, Villanova over UNC)?  CBS was sure to show a very up close of the very awkward roll, almost as if taunting the fans.

The 42.0 seconds on the clock as the ball rolled through is also a trip.

Remember how important '42' and '74' are to the Bible.

You might recall, a year ago the score was 74-74, with 4.7 seconds left, before the game winning 3, making it 77-74.

Watch my video from last year's tournament and the theory on magnets.