Saturday, April 1, 2017

33 76 77 153 | North Carolina defeats Oregon, 77-76, April 1, 2017 in the Final 4 (Gonzaga vs North Carolina, as predicted)

Justin Jackson brought the game to 67-74, special numbers, after making 2 free throws.

North Carolina = 67
Oregon = 74

His jersey number is 44.

4/3/2017 = 4+3+20+17 = 44

I wasn't watching when it happened, but does anyone know if he scored the 44th point again tonight?

Pinson would get UNC to '77', the 'Christ' number, the 'North Carolina' number.

Pinson = 7+9+5+1+6+5 = 33

Jesus on the cross, at '33'.

Notice he did it with 57 seconds on the clock, the championship number.

This setup the very magnetic and miraculous "3".

I was having some serious de ja vu:

The ball just rolled in, the Oregon score is about to become 74, with 42.0 left.


"Damn, I heard about this last year on YouTube."




de ja vu!

Oregon would make it 76-77.

Kendrick Meeks would go to the line and miss 2 free throws.

The birthday boy Joel Berry II would go to the line and miss 2 more.

4 straight missed free throws, to keep the score at '77', as advertised.

The final score is a sum of 153-points, very biblical.

Also interesting, the Blazers beat the Suns in Phoenix tonight, improving their record to 38-38, a total of 76 games played.  Remember, the Blazers once passed on Michael Jordan, after he came out of UNC.  *In case you're not following, Oregon just lost in the college championship in Phoenix's suburb, Glendale.

The Blazers have only won one NBA Championship, that was the '76-'77 season, when they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers.  Last year, UNC lost to the team just outside of Villanova.

ALSO, Oregon's coach, Dana Altman, his birthday is 76-days after the loss today, or a span of 77-days.

Phoenix & Glendale on the 33rd Parallel
Oregon, the 33rd State
Glendale = 33 (Reduction)

ALSO, the 4 games today totaled '303' points on the 33rd parallel.

73+77+76+77 = 303