Sunday, April 23, 2017

45 f47 57 144 211 | Prince's father dead August 25, 2001, 57-days after his 85th birthday +Prince, Vanity & Mattie Shaw

Prince's father died the same day Aaliyah passed in a plane crash, as reported.  That was August 25, 2001.  He died 57-days after his 85th birthday.  Consider that Prince passed at age 57.

Consider also that Prince's mother's last name was 'Shaw', having Gematria of 57.

The name 'John Nelson' has Gematria of '144', the number for 'time'.

The name John Lewis Nelson also has a parallel to time.  Consider Prince died on the 112th day of 2016 as well, the reflection of 211.

John Nelson was a jazz musician.

Read about the deaths of Prince, his mother & Vanity here:

From Prince's father's death to Prince's death, 5353-days.  What a number.