Wednesday, May 3, 2017

17 23 35 44 53 54 71 114 | Isaiah Thomas scores 53-points on 33 attempts for what would have been his sister's 23rd birthday, May 2, 2017 +Warriors win with 106

*The Wizard and Celtics game went to overtime, '114 to 114'.  LeBron James = 114

First, notice the Warriors won Game 1 with 106 points in their 106 foot tall stadium.  IF you've never seen me talk about the Warriors and 106 before... please search the blog and video channel.

Akron, Ohio = 106 (Birthplace of Curry and LeBron James)

Second, let's talk about Isaiah Thomas of the Celtics scoring 53-points on 33 FG attempts, tying a fourth quarter scoring record set by Nate Robinson (29 points), the prior midget who played for the Celtics and went to school as University of Washington in Seattle.  For people to look at these things and call coincidence, is to admit to themselves they're retarded.  Also, this performance comes on the back of him scoring 33 points in Game 1.

ALSO, notice the scoring.  In the first quarter, the Celtics were down 42-29, or a sum of 71 points.

Celtics 71st season
Celtics = 71; Havlicek = 71

Isaiah Thomas's 23 points were for his sister's 53rd birthday.  He is alumni of the UW Huskies, and he tied a Celtic record, that was held by the other midget UW Husky, Nation Robinson.

*Notice Celtics had 53-wins this season.

Notice how '53' connects to '23'.  Also, this past Saturday, was the funeral for his sister, in 'Tacoma', not far from where she reportedly died in Federal Way, WA, just south of Seattle.

Murder by numbers is 'religion'.

His 53-point performance came 17-days after his sister's reported death, April 15.

Here we are in 2017.  

As for '23', remember how that connects to King.  Isaiah Thomas's sister died in King County.

They call Isaiah Thomas the King of the 4th Quarter.  They call the face of the league, LeBron James, King James.  Remember, the Godfather will face Boston in Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals.  It is all foretold, through the WWE narrative that the NBA and pro sports are.

The point about Havlicek scoring 54 is interesting.  Remember, the Celtics snapped the Warriors winning streak at home at 54.  Oracle = 54

Also, the Warriors have been in Golden State since '71.  Celtics = 71; Havlicek = 71

Also, checkout this bonus comment.

That clip shows them freezing the clock at 15.4, or April 15, the date Chyna Thomas died.  What a joke.

The date of the game also had '44' numerology...

Car Crash = 35/44
5/2/2017 = 5+2+20+17 = 44 (Kill) (Execution)

Remember how I speculated Super Bowl 51 might go to OT because of the '44' date numerology.  Isaiah Thomas had his 35th straight 20+ point game on that day.  Tom Brady = 35

*The star of the other team with emphasized stats of 40 and 13.  40+13 = 53

ALSO, he tied Nate Robinson, the former midget from UW, with 29 points in the 4th quarter...