Monday, May 22, 2017

25 51 58 62 111 | Kenya Bradix & Alpha Balde, the New York Times heroes, May 18, 2017

Initial Crash Reporting:
Suspect and Victim:

Planet Hollywood?  Like how we live in a world of false theater, including this planned news stunt as covered here?:

Using out base four methods, the name Kenya Bradix is as follows:

Kenya: 20/25/57/79
Bradix 31/41/58/104
Kenya Bradix = 51/66/114/183

Alpha Balde?  The alpha male heroes.

Alpha = 20/25/38/97
Balde = 15/30/24/111
Alphab Balde = 35/55/62/208

The numbers pop for both men.  Notice the similarity in the first names, Alpha and Kenya, or AK, or 111, like how Balde is '111'.

New York = 111

You have to love that Alpha Balde was a hero 10-years-earlier... another hoax, no doubt.  I'm sure both Alpha and Kenya are members of the Lodge.

Don't forget, this is a Wall Street riddle, like how Donald Trump wanted to block out the hispanics on the Southern Border.  Here is a hispanic man, blamed for the crash... all part of the show, the riddle.

Notice the mention of 25-years....  Trump = 25; Comey = 25; Pence = 25; 25th Amendment

Before this story even came out, I showed the significance of 25.  See my initial reporting linked at the top.